"I feel empowered as an emerging female leader and supported as a working parent"


Joined Capco: 2021
Role: Senior Consultant, Lead Business Analyst
Professional skills: Requirements Elicitation, Facilitation, Stakeholders Management, Business Process Modelling, Software Development, Project Management
Interests: Gastronomy. Travelling. Excel at raising a kind, confident and inquisitive girl.

I found Capco when I was eager to take my career in business analysis to the next level and interested in consulting and financial services. Capco offered the prospect of combining both, so I decided that this was the place I wanted to be.

Prior to my life at Capco, I had the opportunity to work across various industries, including the national oil & gas company in my home country Venezuela and also within IT/digital services for large UK retailers and legal services at a global law firm.

I genuinely took a leap of faith when I decided to join Capco with no consulting or financial services experience. My experience in other industries has lent me something that can be invaluable in the consulting world - perspective. Understanding situations from different point of views, while honing my industry-agnostic transferable skills, has helped me develop my own character and style, which ultimately allows me to bring the best of my professional self to my Capco client engagements.

When I started at Capco, I had the opportunity to be one of the first consultants on the ground at a brand-new client in Scotland. This was a kind of 'everything new' experience to me: new to Capco, new to consulting, new to financial services and new client. This first role initiated me into the consulting world and allowed me to leverage some of my transferable skills. However, I was keen to work on something that aligned more closely with my experience and career interests, to be able to provide long-lasting value for clients. I found a role that suited me better, which allowed me to play to my strengths and thrive, while also gaining confidence as a consultant. Since then, my Capco journey has been going from strength to strength.

Our Be Yourself at Work (BYAW) ethos and community engagements have given me the freedom to bring my unique self and my talents to help and support others. At Capco Scotland I have been empowered to co-lead community initiatives in the business analysis area, which are raising the profile of Business Analysts (BAs) in the organisation and provides me with a great sense of purpose.

A highlight for me is co-managing Capco’s Corporate Membership with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), enabling the professional development our colleagues and more broadly, allowing us to organise external events to share thought-provoking content with the wider BA Community. This has led to me being recognised for my community work and, with the extraordinary support from my amazing Capco coach, colleagues, my husband and, the best advice ever from my five-year-old daughter (“I want you mummy to win the trophy!”) I was encouraged to tell my story and apply for the IIBA UK Business Analyst of the Year Award. I had the incredible honour to win the award in 2022.

I feel fortunate to count on a network of talented and generous colleagues (with whom I share a sense of affinity) as well as working in an inclusive environment where I feel empowered as an emerging female leader, supported as a working parent, and motivated to unleash my full potential.