“At Capco, I found people who believed in me and supported my development, while inspiring the confidence I needed.”


Joined Capco     2014
 Role at Capco     Principal Consultant
 Professional Skills     Assets liabilities management, Treasury, Liquidity and rate risk management
 Interests     Adventure, traveling, economy


I am Edouard; I was born and raised in a Paris suburb, and now live in central Paris. I graduated with a degree in finance and have expertise around ALM and treasury risks as well as broader financial risks, gained through work experience and self-study.

After some experience at an investment bank, first in Paris and later in New York for one year as a front office treasury analyst, I joined the Capco family in 2014 as an Associate Consultant. My first project was with corporate finance services at a major French global bank, and I have since progressed to the level of Principal Consultant. Since my early days at Capco, I have met some amazing people who provided a very welcoming and cool environment for starting on a consulting path.

Looking for a job shortly after returning from New York, I wanted to keep working in an international culture and enhance my expertise within a consulting firm through exposure to prestigious clients, potentially worldwide. The three interviews with Principal Consultants and Partners I had during the recruitment process made me choose Capco which I found to be a welcoming organization, full of talented and experienced people who could provide me with regular challenges in a consistent culture of good results.

At Capco, I found people who believed in me and supported my development, while inspiring the confidence I needed and allowing me autonomy on my projects and room for my own style.  I have had the opportunity to build my network and gain confidence from my clients, which has allowed me to lead important projects and always bring new challenges to the teams, as my goal is to grow collective experience in financial topics. I also like building connections between the different projects and missions that I manage, to reinforce Capco’s offering and our capability to establish expertise. For example, we are merging efforts of two project teams to achieve redesign of both assets and liabilities management (ALM) and the Treasury function of one business unit. 

I am particularly proud of a multi-year project I have led which allowed a main business unit of a global international retail bank to build its ALM function in terms of tools and processes. This was an end-to-end project in one of my areas of expertise and has led to several new business opportunities with the client. I am now very invested in expanding our project perimeter across different clients within that expertise, in order to build a solid team of finance and risks experts to help grow the practice. 

My hobbies include travel and, so far, I have travelled a lot especially in America, exploring over 30 US states. Although due to recent events travel has been limited to Europe, for example Iceland which I enjoyed exploring, I expect to be able to continue with the US soon and Alaska will be on the list. Apart from that, I have been horse riding for over 15 years and, while COVID-19 slowed our travels, I took up golf. I am also a big fan of sliding sports especially skiing. 

Another Capco occasion worth a mention is a regional employee forum (REF) held in Berlin a few years ago where the perfect mix of training, conferences, team building and partying made it the most fun memory shared with some amazing colleagues, earning us a Guinness world record, too!