“The greatest satisfaction at Capco for me comes from satisfied clients”


Joined Capco  November 2020
Location Zurich
Role Consultant
Primary Skills Project Management and Change Management, Compliance
Interests  Take care of my garden, read good crime novels, my family, tai chi, and lots of sport


I joined Capco over two years ago, after a temporary three-months’ contract. My first assignment was a big and complex project for a global Swiss bank in Zurich. It was a demanding and difficult project with high expectations and challenging topics. I worked hard and achieved good results through commitment,  perseverance, and thanks to the support of my Capco colleagues.

My background is not a traditional consultant's CV. I have a Swiss commercial diploma and a language teacher diploma. Before joining Capco, I held several roles, including for many years working for an international Swiss bank as a senior application and process trainer. 

I am married, with two teenage children. Although they are older, our children still need us. In my previous jobs I travelled a lot, and balancing work and family was not easy. There was a lot of doubt and guilt about my work commitments, but fortunately my family backed me up. My greatest support during that time were my parents and my husband, who has always urged me not to give up my career.

Last year Capco had an important project in Liechtenstein, which for me meant being away from home for whole weeks. I was grateful that Capco allowed me to reduce the workload. The customer launched several projects to eliminate various deficiencies in order to comply with regulatory requirements. It was a unique experience in a pleasant working atmosphere, with a good team of professionals, under the leadership of a very talented client partner.

It is also great to work on projects with young colleagues who respect, support, and motivate you. But the greatest satisfaction at Capco for me comes from satisfied clients, the visible difference our work makes and the added value to their business.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, but I have a close bond with my parents’ home country, Italy. It is the place where I recharge my batteries. I love discovering small ancient villages amongst other things. The most beautiful moments are when I see my friends and family after a year, and we celebrate in a big way.

In my free time I like to ‘empty my mind’ with activities like gardening. Time permitting, I do a lot of exercise such as yoga and other fitness. I have recently discovered Tai Chi, which I practise every morning to start the day with positive energy.