“I have the freedom to explore interests in a variety of ways.” 


Joined Capco: 2021
Role: Senior Consultant
Primary Skills: Program and Project Management, Capital Markets Operations and Technology 
Interests: Skiing, hiking, reading, and chasing my toddler around the yard 

A coworker once described Capco as “very choose your own adventure” and that description perfectly encapsulates why I chose to come here. My background has been almost entirely within Capital Markets – four years in data and analytics supporting primary equity markets, and four years as a consultant and technology project manager across various areas of FICC – but I knew I wanted to expand my experience and knowledge of the financial sector into other areas as well. Capco has provided a great opportunity to do so.  

I joined Capco less than a year ago, and while I am currently staffed on a project in the Capital Markets domain, working on change initiatives in government bond and rates derivatives trading, on the internal side of the firm I’ve been able to work across a number of areas that are new to me: digital wealth management, ESG, and even a research project in the payments space. I am constantly learning about new trends, technologies, and areas of financial services. As a senior consultant, I have the freedom to experiment across domains and broaden my knowledge base to discover what captivates me before I work to deepen my expertise in a specific area.  

I also have the freedom to explore these interests in a variety of ways. Despite being here less than a year, I have already led a team in researching and writing a thought leadership piece on an ESG topic I proposed and am working on another. I’ve also had the opportunity to get involved in RFPs (something that wasn’t possible at my previous consulting firm), help develop supporting collateral for marketing and training, and lead a lunch and learn on a topic that was completely new to me just a month before. It’s the constant opportunities to learn and try different things that keeps work constantly interesting and engaging.  
The variety Capco offers extends to social and community building activities, as well. There are a huge number of groups and events that provide opportunities to meet your colleagues outside of work, build your network and get involved in things you are passionate about. For example, last winter the firm sponsored a long-weekend ski trip. Apart from an excuse to go skiing, I got to spend a significant amount of time getting to know coworkers I would likely not have met otherwise. They have since become close collaborators and helped me get involved in projects that I otherwise would not have known about. This has been particularly valuable given that I joined the firm during the pandemic and have been largely working remotely.  

The freedom and opportunity that Capco offers could be disorienting at first, but the firm has paired me with an excellent coach who has helped me navigate the system – finding projects and initiatives, solving client issues, providing feedback, and ensuring that I can provide value to my client and grow in my career. Compared to other firms I’ve worked at, it’s true that Capco does require a bit more thought to plot where you want to take your career, but that’s because it’s up to you to choose where you want to go.