Joined Capco: 2020
Role: Senior Consultant, Digital Innovation
Primary skills: Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement
Interests: Travel, hiking, music festivals

I was born and raised in Bangkok, the big sister in a family of four. While I used to be quiet and timid, going through engineering school, two years working as a network engineer in a telco company and working in an IT consulting company for a further five years has shaped me to become the person I am today: someone who is confident, outspoken, and loves putting herself out of her comfort zone.

I travelled a lot pre-COVID and have always been fascinated by diversity, whether it is places, people, cuisine or culture. Consulting allows me to explore just that. With the different dynamics that come with each project or assignment, I have experienced diversity through the people I work with, organizational cultures, the differences between industries – even the roles that you need to take on as a consultant.  Working within a consultancy constantly challenges you. It makes you feel that you are growing both professionally and personally with each project you are assigned  – it is this diversity that makes me want to continue with consulting. 

I was looking for a new opportunity and was introduced to Capco. I was happy with the recruitment experience, which the company made very pleasant by setting clear and accurate expectations. Though it was the first time that I had met with Capco consultants, the interviews didn’t really feel like interviews, but more like discussions that flowed very naturally. The interviewers made me feel that Capco is a company that embraces who you really are – that your unique traits are not overlooked, but rather will be a great contribution to the company, and that there’s so much more opportunity for the company to grow. So it was an easy ‘yes’!

I joined Capco at the beginning of 2020, and as with any job the first few months were about finding my groove with my new colleagues and learning how the company is positioned in the marketplace. It was actually not hard at all, as our branding is very clear and Capco knows what it does best in its chosen fields. The consultants are super smart, super talented, inspiring, and simply a group of nice people from whom I can learn a lot. It has been a fun journey so far, and definitely one on which I have already grown professionally a lot, with great support from my colleagues and mentors.

I have been working on a project with a global insurance firm in Thailand to develop a new sales tool for the insurance agents to make their sales electronically through phone/tablet application. As a young consultant, I initially had to work to gain trust and credibility and demonstrate that I have what it takes. My Capco colleagues on the team as well as my mentor have been very supportive and provided great advice. As a result, I was able to show that Capco can deliver quality work within the agreed deadline, and I’ve since been entrusted with larger roles and responsibilities on the project.

One of the things I particularly love about my Capco journey is  all the activities. Whether it is a webinar on subjects like mental wellness, training to improve your personal brand, or events to promote Diversity & Inclusion, they really demonstrate that the organization cares about its employees’ wellbeing and growth. As a participant in our D&I Committee, I am looking forward to the interesting events this year!

In my life I draw inspiration and strength from my parents - I have mad respect for their motivation, how smart and hard-working they are, and their ability to strike a balance between a successful career and a family full of love and warmth. While I’m hustling with my career and doing my best to attain my goals, from time to time I tune into myself by spending time alone listening to music, practicing yoga, and taking a walk around town with my loved ones. If I’m feeling more active, you’ll find me hanging out with my friends and colleagues, getting into gaming, and doing karaoke.