"To rest, I love nature."

Joined Capco  2016
Role Managing Principal
Professional Skills AFC, AML, Counter Terrorism Financing, DLT/Blockchain 
Interests Traveling, hiking, reading, barbecuing 


I was born and raised in Kolkata, India. Like most people from India, I speak multiple languages - Bengali (my mother tongue), English and Hindi. Since my childhood, I have had the desire to learn a foreign language. When I had a serious accident in 2008 and spent almost six months at home, I took the opportunity to start learning German. In 2014, I passed the C2 exam, a major German language diploma, and thus effectively completed the main learning phase of the language.

I joined Capco in 2016 in search of new and challenging topics. This gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at the topic of anti-financial crime (AFC), and I was then assigned my first project in this area. My task was to lead a team setting up an AFC infrastructure at a bank. This was followed by further projects on the subject, where I was able to deepen my knowledge. 

AFC measures make life difficult for people who want to exploit the financial system for criminal purposes. Not only was the project successful, but it also makes me proud to know that I was able to contribute towards protecting the interests of financial institutions and their customers. 

Through my work at Capco, I have learned to be more flexible, calm and goal-oriented. Every project here is different from the last and brings new challenges. As a consultant, you must always readjust to the new project situation. You also often deal with several tasks at the same time, so it helps to stay calm and keep your goal in mind.

Before joining Capco, I worked as an Account Manager, managing client requirements, driving business development and monitoring profit and loss of the portfolio. The work was interesting, but over time there was hardly anything new to learn. That was why I decided to switch to consulting. 

Capco came to my attention through a headhunter, and I found the company exciting right away. In my opinion, the consultancy was the right size to make an impact, but still offered the backing of a global company. 

During the interviews, I took the opportunity to find out about potential project assignments, further training and career opportunities. The information about the company structure and clients gave me a very clear picture of Capco. Before Capco, I worked for large companies that had a very complicated management structure. I liked the flat hierarchy here. These factors, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit, impressed me and ultimately won me over.

Capco's organizational structure makes it easy to learn from the managers, and I also find the coach-protégé structure unique - each employee can find coaches that match their personal profile and career ambitions. My coach still supports me today in my professional and personal development with honest and appreciative feedback and has had a strong influence on my career. 

My greatest project success was certainly the global introduction of a standardized transaction monitoring system for a leading German bank. The project ran for several years, and in the end, we achieved our goal of providing an IT infrastructure that met the legal requirements in combination with robust performance and the highest security standards.

I encountered my first major challenge on the very first day of the project. I was suffering from imposter syndrome at the time and was struggling with a lot of self-doubt. My project manager helped me overcome my inhibitions, and the project became one of the most important in my life. As a team we were able to complete it successfully. 

Two and half years after joining the company I was put forward for my first promotion, with both my coach and my Competency Lead supporting and preparing me. I started as a Senior Consultant and, from my point of view, my promotions always came when I expected them. I would like to give new colleagues a tip to always look for opportunities for personal career growth, but also to be aware that promotions only come when you can successfully manage the tasks and responsibilities of the next level.

To reset, I love nature and spending time outdoors. I live in a suburb of Frankfurt, not far from the Main and regularly walk along the river. On weekends, I'm often in the Taunus mountains and hike up to the Feldberg or Altkönig. As a big fan of the sci-fi and action genre, I also enjoy watching the latest movies. To maintain my Bengali culture here in Frankfurt, I am part of a Bengali cultural association. Together we regularly organize events to keep this culture alive here. Last but not least, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. They are the source of my strength and inspiration.