Joined Capco: 2016
Role: Senior Consultant
Professional skills: Project & programme management, core banking, design thinking, digital transformation
Interests: Sports, yoga, hiking, traveling, photography

My background is in Managerial Informatics and European Business & Finance, which I studied at Brno University of Technology and Nottingham Trent University. Since I was a child I’ve been a very active person who is driven by challenges: after many years of hard work I played badminton at a professional level and participated in the Junior European Championship as part of Slovak national team.

I got into consulting to experience and learn skills that forced me to step out of my own comfort zone and to learn new languages abroad. Prior to Capco I worked for three years as a consultant on global large-scale implementation projects across different industries in Vienna and Prague. My very first project as a consultant was with an insurance company in Vienna, where I sat next to a colleague who worked for Capco Frankfurt. He was such a professional, experienced and open-minded consultant, always delivering high quality work, and that was what first prompted me to think about a move to Capco.

After two years my project concluded, and it happened that there were some open positions at Capco Bratislava. I decided straight away to apply for Project Management Coordinator role and was invited to interview immediately. The three stages of the interview process went very smoothly and I was impressed by the professionalism and open-mindedness of the various Capco managers I met. I quickly accepted the opportunity to become part of Capco’s unique culture and take a new career and personal challenge – namely, to work solely on international projects based abroad.

My time at Capco had provided me with significant experience and expertise in the financial industry and enabled me to work on many large-scale implementation & agile digital transformation projects across different business and technology scopes. I’ve also been able to get to know and collaborate with specialists from many different backgrounds and business cultures – people who are interested in sharing their knowledge, learning from each other, and are very driven to develop their skills. These are the attributes that keep my work exciting. Capco has also offered me a broad range of training with the opportunity to gain many internationally-recognized certificates.

My clients have included a private Swiss bank in Geneva, a large German bank in Frankfurt, a major European bank and an insurance company in Vienna. The European bank project in Vienna was a memorable and challenging project. We supported the bank with its first agile multi-country programme, focusing on the implementation of a omni-channel platform to roll-out a new mobile banking application across multiple European countries. I set up the project governance and processes from scratch and was responsible for coordination of the entire programme. A key element of the project was to convince the client of the benefits of an agile way of working and to harness the efforts and talents of forty people from different backgrounds and business cultures and based in more than six countries.

Beyond my day-to-day work, I am an enthusiastic traveller who likes exploring and broadening my horizons. Thanks to Capco, I have been able to see many places in Europe and get the fresh inspiration that is so essential for developing my creativity. I also attended a yoga-meditation retreat in Bali and what I learnt from the gurus there not only that fundamentally reshaped my yoga practice but also my overall approach to overcoming obstacles in my life. I am also part of the Bratislava Diversity & Inclusion team, responsible for overall coordination of all four D&I streams and supporting our D&I leads via events and Be Yourself At Work activities.