"Capco has supported me all the way."

Joined Capco: 2012
Role:         Principal Consultant, Digital Innovation
Primary skills: Customer and Employee Experience Design
Interests:         Learning new things, reading, relaxing

Working within the Digital Innovation team, my role is focused on improving customer and employee experiences. As a result, I am especially attuned to the power of experiences and how they shape individuals. The formative experiences that made me who I am today were defined by my family, upbringing, education, and too many hopes and dreams to list.

I was born in London, raised in Florida, and have spent most of my adult life in New York City. I currently reside in Frankfurt, Germany. My father was an entrepreneur who started no fewer than ten businesses over the course of his life, a couple of which were successful. From the age of ten to when they weren’t travelling as they built their main business abroad, my parents exclusively worked from home. This meant that my sister and I had daily exposure on how to maintain a successful business: hard work, figurative blood, literal sweat (we lived in Florida, after all) and sometimes tears; this set a clear example for me.

I was lucky to be referred to Capco at precisely the right time. I was 24 and didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted to do, only that I needed something more challenging. I had been working as a non-profit fundraising consultant and was bored with the repetitive nature of the job and felt stifled by the ‘pay-your-dues’ culture.

I quickly became enchanted by Capco and accepted an offer for a Learning & Development Coordinator role after just one telephone interview with the North America team lead. She was someone I knew I would be able to learn a lot from, and I still count her as a good friend and mentor to this day. As soon as I joined our New York office, I found myself working alongside the most interesting and fun people. I loved it.

My journey from there has been quite varied. Within two and a half years, I was a global L&D specialist and then moved onto the business side to design and deliver ‘disruptive experiences’ within the Digital practice. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to grow into the customer and employee experience space.

I will never forget one of my projects with a wealth management client. It was not only successful because we delivered a solution that the client was very happy with, but because it was the first time that I managed a truly diverse team of strong personalities. This engagement helped stretch me as a leader, and I was very proud of how our team grew together and emerged as a closer-knit unit.

I think it’s fair to say I live and breathe our Be Yourself At Work motto. I have participated in - or acted in - a leading role within every iteration of Capco's Diversity & Inclusion groups. I’ve been with Capco for close to eight years now, and whenever people ask me why I stay, my answer is that it is down to the opportunities to grow and carve out a role for myself. Capco has supported me all the way, including funding my UX/UI certification in 2015.

Now, as I grow in a different way as a new working mother, the company is once again proving its commitment to me by offering me the flexibility to set my work schedule. I should add that I also met my husband at Capco (and he also still works here), so I guess that one counts as both a personal and professional milestone facilitated by Capco.