Renewables Trading Instruments:
CTRM Enablement to Streamline, Systematize and Optimize Functionality





With the current changing energy transition landscape on the forefront, Capco’s clients are often faced with adding new functionality to their CTRMs or selecting a system that can handle the products that manage carbon emissions.  Traditional trading and risk solutions are not typically well equipped to handle all the requirements for trading instruments such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) and Carbon Offsets right out of the box and often need enhancements, particularly around the areas of trade capture, inventory, and position reporting. 


Clients are often stuck using a hybrid approach of managing emissions trading between and CTRM and spreadsheets, creating transparency and efficiency issues. Capco helps customers properly manage renewable trading instruments such as allowances, auctions, futures, options, surrenders, and offsets of RECs.  



• Holistically model clients RINs, RECs and carbon trading business by identifying and modeling key lifecycle components such as trading, inventory, retirement and pricing scenarios. 
• Assess the existing CTRM solution and supporting tools according to the unique aspects of renewables trading, obligations, position management and regulatory reporting.
• Identify and address gaps, risks and improvement opportunities via system customizations to provide the business tools needed to report on and manage the renewables trading business.


• Current State Assessment and Recommendations.
• Enhanced exchange integrated trade capture and price interface.
• Customized inventory and position reporting and analytics.
• Comprehensive test plan, execution scripts and testing templates.
• User training and training materials.
• Solution Delivery management, execution, and deployment.


Capco has extensive experience in building custom reports and processes to visualize their carbon trading positions and obligations.  This can be seamlessly accomplished while integrating their other commodity and derivatives trading programs and solutions.

• Enablement of CTRM to manage renewables business facilitating the consolidation of trading business into a single solution.
• Advanced position management.
• Improved obligations tracking and compliance reporting.
• Optimized value proposition of renewable instruments.
• Streamlined business solutions and processes.
• Reduction of grey IT footprint improving scalability and auditablity while reducing key-person risk and human error.