With products that were not compelling in the market and lagging internal delivery capabilities, a regional credit union sought to reverse the course of its sub-par growth. Unsure of the path to follow, the credit union’s new leadership turned to Capco for support. Consequently, Capco was engaged to create a growth strategy and associated roadmap for the credit union’s credit card and personal lending business. 

As part of the engagement, the Capco team worked closely with the credit union staff. The team evaluated the current credit card and personal loan offerings in the context to local, national and fintech competitor offerings. This resulted in a simplified product architecture and product offerings more robust features to more effectively compete in the market.

The team also analyzed member, portfolio and other data to surface and quantify growth opportunities. Additionally, initiatives to address internal capabilities needed to enable and sustain growth were identified and prioritized. The culmination of the work was an actionable roadmap for the organization to follow for driving to their growth ambitions. 


With new leadership at the credit union, the client sought to accelerate its growth and re-establish itself as a modern and relevant credit union for its members and additional prospects. Historic growth rates lagged peers and were hindered by product limitations and cumbersome internal processes which hampered experiences for both members and internal staff. Faced with these challenges, the client engaged Capco to develop a strategy for growing their credit card and personal loan portfolios.



Capco analyzed “where to play” and “how to win” opportunities, framing a set of strategic choices that supported the client‘s growth ambitions, supported by an executable roadmap:

  • Assessed current capabilities to identify growth inhibitors and member pain points
  • Assessed personal loan and credit card offerings relative to a spectrum of competitors to surface competitive strengths and gaps
  • Defined enhanced product offerings to increase market appeal
  • Gathered and analyzed member, credit card and personal loan data to identify under penetrated segments and opportunities
  • Defined a set of initiatives to drive and sustain growth, and evaluated each against defined prioritization criteria 
  • Sequenced initiatives into an executable roadmap.



With Capco’s assistance, the client now has: 

  • A clear view of the competitive landscape and has aligned on improved product capabilities needed to effectively compete
  • A quantitative understanding of growth opportunities and targets lists associated with under-penetrated segments
  • An executable roadmap that will improve product offerings, drive growth and provide financial capabilities needed to invest in the foundational capabilities to sustain the growth.