PostFinance, as the leading retail bank in Switzerland, wants to “SpeedUp” and offer even more efficient, smart and innovative banking solutions to its customers. Competition and industry developments require PostFinance to re-assess its existing cloud strategy.

Capco was asked to establish a fundamentally updated and reinvigorated cloud strategy for PostFinance so that the bank can profit from the infrastructure standards, skills and services offered by the modern cloud ecosystem.

As a cross-functional team and with the focus on business benefits, Capco and PostFinance defined the desired target picture based on state-of-the-art cloud architectures, security considerations and relevant aspects from the legal/compliance perspective. This target view was informed by an extensive catalogue of cloud use cases, both short and longer term, that was derived from a deep and constructive interaction with the business community at PostFinance. 

A cloud transformation roadmap detailing the actions to be taken together with sequencing and high-level business cases was delivered to build the basis for the upcoming cloud implementation phase and further deep dives on cloud use cases for the future.

This delivery defines an important milestone for the future strategic path of PostFinance in the digital market.


The financial services sector is undergoing unprecedented disruption, a wild ride created by the digital revolution smashing up against COVID-19's social and business upheavals. PostFinance wants to verify and recalibrate its existing approach in response to these accelerating changes. 

PostFinance has a private cloud already running since several years and uses SaaS solutions from external providers. However, to reach the next level on the cloud journey, a vision and strategy for the usage of the public cloud (IaaS and PaaS) is necessary. 


Through extensive workshops with stakeholders from IT, security, compliance and various business departments, the current state was analyzed, and the vision of a public cloud concept crafted. In parallel, a cross-functional analysis of around twenty ideas for future cloud usage resulted in a broad range of prioritized cloud use cases that can be implemented short to medium term. 

These components were then consolidated in the overall target picture for the new cloud strategy and relevant work packages like the selection of a cloud service provider, cloud skills, governance, strategy adoption and architecture were defined and depicted on an implementation roadmap.

Besides the technical setup of a state-of-the-art cloud architecture, PostFinance will be particularly focusing to improve the understanding and skills for cloud in the enterprise and to proceed a cultural change of thinking.


Within three months, Capco initiated a cross-functional team and cooperation at PostFinance that is a good basis for the upcoming implementation phase and an effective cloud governance. Furthermore, a board presentation for the final decision of the strategic direction was delivered with the following components:

  • Current high-level state analysis of PostFinance’s IT infrastructure and security
  • Advantages and risks of public cloud solutions
  • Recommendation for a hybrid cloud model as a flexible solution aligned with business, IT, and compliance
  • Selection process and recommendation of a Cloud Service Provider to start with
  • Proposal of a governance framework including a cloud competence centre 
  • Prioritized collection of cloud use cases for a later deep dive analysis
  • Work packages with high-level effort estimation and roadmap for cloud implementation phase

As a result of these steps, PostFinance is now positioned to accelerate the pace of its journey into the public cloud.