How Capco Upgraded An Oil And Gas Company's Energy Platform



A large publicly traded oil and gas company that explores, produces, gathers, processes and markets crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids and operates in high-growth, high-return conventional and unconventional assets wants to bring the company up to speed on Allegro’s latest software and to leverage the software’s advancements in technology, functionality, and analytics for the benefit of the business across its trading organization.


The large publicly traded oil and gas company’s strategic vision is to continue to utilize, simplify, and improve the reliability of the current Allegro energy marketing platform for its crude, natural gas, natural gas liquids, emissions and financial portfolio.


Capco was engaged in providing project management (PM), configuration and testing, technical, and support consulting for the client to ensure a successful upgrade to Allegro Horizon:

  • Project Management – analyzed the current environment, provided recommendations, and planned the path to upgrade
  • Configuration and Testing – conducted configuration and testing to validate functional and process changes.  Aided in version decision minimizing the impact to the project timeline and budget
  • Technical – assessed current functionality, determined how the upgrade would affect the current customized operations, and reviewed the overall architecture to allow for continued success and growth
  • Support – provided both go-live hyper-care and on-going production support to ensure optimal business continuity


Capco conducted the successful implementation Allegro Horizon on time and under budget for managing crude, natural gas, natural gas liquids, emissions, and financials:

  • The upgraded system ensures that the client has access to cutting-edge technology, while streamlining the code thus reducing the amount of custom class events to manage
  • Successfully implemented ICE certified REST API for eConfirm trade submission to ensure that trade submission will continue to occur seamlessly prior to February 2020 deadline
  • Improved the large oil and gas company’s ability to manage exposure more effectively with new credit functionality
  • Streamlined company price feeds to allow for a centralized approach, housing all feeds in one place and removing the need for spreadsheets
  • Improved software performance by decreasing the time it takes to process valuation and settlement