PostFinance wanted to revamp the user experience for retail customers by mapping the needs of their diverse customer groups to personas. They also targeted a completely new design that stands out in the market. Capco was involved in decision-making such as app update vs new offering, phased roll-out vs big bang, same brand vs new brand.

In just a few months, the first proof of concept integrating back-end and front-end was successfully delivered, and within six months the core banking offering was simulated and tested across the platforms. This was achieved by ramping up client teams and working simultaneously on key topics.

Today, PostFinance’s new mobile app is live with hundreds of thousands of customers, offering a service that goes beyond banking - it helps people run their finances. With a secure biometric login, re-registration via a QR code, eBill, P2P payments, ‘dark mode’, accessibility features, tokenized debit cards and much more, customers have a reliable tool at hand that supports their daily life.


In September 2010, PostFinance became the first financial services provider in Switzerland to launch a mobile banking app. By 2020, mobile banking had become a key channel in the digital interaction between PostFinance and its customers. 

Everyday banking continues to change rapidly, along with consumer expectations of online and mobile services. By introducing a cutting edge mobile app, PostFinance has laid the foundation for addressing the increasing customer demands more efficiently in the future.


Customer tests were run from the very beginning of the project. When building a brand-new interface, it is really important to ensure clear benefits for target customers, compared to existing design and navigation pattern. Based on PostFinance’s vision of providing the best in class money management, the guiding principle for the new app design has been a fresh approach that helps customers do banking faster and more securely.

We also took into consideration the feedback from the earlier versions of the app. Being able to explore what worked and what did not help us create a better end product. Back-end changes needed thorough planning but descoping parts that were not feasible helped with maintaining speed and focus.



Cross-functional teams worked autonomously while being steered by an overarching body of project managers, automated testing, DevOps engineers and architects.

The result was a brand new, modern banking app for iOS and Android, meeting the high expectations of continuous integration and delivery, high-scalability and robustness. With the launch of the app, PostFinance is able to offer a competitive mobile retail banking service comparable to those offered by well-known neobanks in Switzerland as well as traditional market incumbents.