Women in Finance Charter

When we signed up to the Charter in September 2020, our representation of women stood at 30%. As of September 30, 2022, that percentage has increased to 34% across our overall workforce and 23.4% at the senior leadership level (*Managing Principal and above). We are confident that we are on track to meet our Charter target of 40% women representation by our 2025 deadline.

We currently employ 574 women, 84 of whom have joined since our 2021 submission. To meet our 2025 goal of 40% representation, we will need to employ 680 women. By employing an additional 50 women per year over the next two years, we will achieve that 40% target – and we are on a solid trajectory to achieve this goal.

We have already achieved our 2025 target of 50% women Associates – we today employ 128 women out of a total Associate population of 256.

We are committed to 30% of our senior leaders being women by 2025. Since our submission in 2021, 23.4 % of our senior leaders are women; at the Director/Executive Director/Associate Partner/Partner levels (the four highest levels of leadership within Capco) that percentage increases to 28.5%.

About Capco 

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