I moved from an intensive academic background in Design Engineering straight into the world of start-ups. That world was fast paced and required an extensive set of skills – anything from developing Figma wireframes and coding in React, to 3D printing functional mechatronic prototypes for user testing.

The greatest career benefit of this, though I didn’t realize it at the time, was that it gave me confidence, reducing my chances of suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’ later on. One piece of advice I would give to those starting out in their career is to practice, practice, practice. Find environments that allow you to refine your skills, give you confidence that you’ll manage when confronted with something new, and provide a safe space for you to ‘fail’ fast. 

That learning experience has helped me in my most recent role at Capco. I’m currently in the Health Insurance space working on a customer-facing digital transformation journey. The part I love about my job is that I work with front-end and back-end developers, UI designers and UX researchers. This lets me speak their language and occasionally dip into whatever they’re working on, which is proving to be invaluable – and fun!

I hope to continue down the Product Management path, but in the short term, I think it’s worth pacing myself and working in a wide range of roles within design, engineering and technology projects to deepen my understanding. Capco is the perfect place to do just that.



After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, I pursued a career at an investment bank.  I joined a graduate program within Risk Management and fully intended to dedicate my career to financial modeling and risk rating. 

However, within this role I was lucky enough to be involved in the delivery of an automation project.  Driven by this exposure to the transformative impact of software solutions, I was inspired to shift my focus to Technology.  I took a year out to complete a postgraduate degree in Computing and Information Systems and then joined Capco's Technology practice.  

A career in Technology at Capco offers countless opportunities to learn and grow through exposure to a variety of projects.  Every technology delivery project has unique challenges, but it is always exciting to deliver an innovative solution and to witness the benefits for the client.  

My advice to someone starting out in their career is that five-year plans are only guidelines. Be open to new opportunities and you may stumble across your new passion, just like I did.


Since my school days, I’ve enjoyed working with computers, learning new software languages and solving mathematical problems. By the time I’d graduated in Electronics and Communications, I knew I was going to build a career in Software Development. Straight after graduation, I started looking for a role as a software engineer and quickly landed a job as a JAVA developer.

The best part about a career in software is that the industry is continually changing and evolving, meaning that I am always stimulated by learning new technologies and new ways of working.  I have now worked in the industry for many years and yet I am still always learning something new.

I would like to continue to make a difference in the industry by helping to develop the best ways of working using optimal technology and tooling. Capco is a place for someone who thrives from continuously learning and swiftly adapting.


My name is Agi, and I have been working in IT for 10 years. I have had multiple positions over that time and am currently happy to be working for Capco UK as a principal consultant focusing on Technical Delivery.

I didn’t specifically choose a career in technology – somehow a career in tech chose me. There aremany things that pulled me in and made me stay, though at one point a big reason was the relatively fixed hours and the fact that I got my weekendsback to spend with my then 3-year-old.

However, the biggest advantage of working in tech was the amazing sense of inclusivity I received, wherever I went. As a woman in the wider world, I was often judged by my looks, or by the clothes or makeup I chose to wear. In the world of tech, I wasn’t just a dress or a pretty face anymore –  in fact, no one cared about my looks. My colleagues wanted my ideas, my plans, my thoughts. I was liked and respected for what I brought to the table and treated as an equal.

I love being able to help people achieve progress and that is why delivery management, project management and Agile methodologies are so close to my heart. Working together with clients, I can understand their needs and design solutions for them that will make their everyday lives easier.

At Capco you will find that you are welcomed into an international community of people who are willing and able to help you move your career along. Every single tech member I have met has mentored others, one way or another, because we all know what it’s like to begin and we all understand how daunting that can be.

Mistakes are inevitable, and they must be looked upon as learning opportunities. I would suggest you keep track of your mistakes and turn them into goals by focusing on how to do better next time.