Tushar, Year Up Intern - New York  



My name is Tushar Shorma. I’m a first-generation college graduate with a background in computer engineering. Thanks to the support of Year Up and their partnership with Capco, I’m here as a software engineer with a focus on Python development. My first month here at Capco has been an experience I will never forget and one that has only been paved with mentorship from industry leaders like my manger, Luke Penca. I’m beyond thankful to have Luke as a manger, mentor, and a leader, our energy from the beginning was strong.

The work from home environment has been a completely different world for me. I have learned that networking is so important in creating an amazing work environment which pays dividends toward your work-life balance. Over my first two weeks, Luke and I spoke about our love and passion for programming and how important technology plays towards this vision. I thoroughly enjoy an environment where developers can come together and share ideas off each other, to expand their understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, full stack applications, and deployment, just to name a few. When we spoke about potential project roles, I knew I wanted to do a project that would be mutually beneficial toward my interests and curiosities but would also support Capco a great deal, as well.

As I’m navigating my journey through Capco, I would advise any students coming into their first-time corporate position to understand this is a people’s business. Building connections and networking goes a long way to gaining the support you will need to be successful at your job. It’s also important to be focused and do the best job you can, so you can continuously progress to the next level. I wish all future incoming corporate professional’s nothing but success!