employee reflections


  • Sydnie Beckman
  • Published: 07 August 2019

Do you ever catch yourself repeating the same phrase over and over again? Over the years, my mantra has come to be ‘the more the merrier’ from the 14th Century poem, Pearl. Here’s why. 

Nearly a decade ago, I started a risk role at a global investment bank in Singapore. I was thrilled to have exposure to multiple teams. However, my excitement didn’t last as I quickly learned the teams didn’t speak English together during office hours.   

I felt like an outsider and knew the only way I was going to succeed in the role was to collaborate and work as a team. The first step I took was to set up knowledge sharing sessions where I discussed a day in the life of a trader and at a hedge fund, which was my previous role.

Helping the teams relate to the front, middle and back offices of their clients ensured empathy, understanding and a better customer service partnership. The team became proactive as they were troubleshooting problems with a new perspective.  

I slowly won over the teams and my colleagues’ confidence in speaking English grew. Together we improved processes, reduced risk and laughed. That year, many of my colleagues were promoted and the following year, I was as well. It is a great feeling to succeed, but an even better feeling is to succeed with friends and colleagues.   

Throughout my Capco journey I’ve continued to take ‘the more the merrier’ approach, through inviting colleagues to Capco initiatives, industry events, sports pursuits and most recently through fundraising. 

As some of you may know, I am a sports fanatic. As a child, I figure skated competitively and then took up running as a teenager. I've completed 16 marathons, five middle distance triathlons and am currently training for my first Ironman competition. When I'm running I feel like I can do anything. But my definition of confidence is not only to feel confident as an individual, it is to empower others to feel confidence as well. It was from this foundation that our group of committed Capco athletes was launched.

We have an amazing Capco team of enthusiastic self-starters and leaders. Regardless of individual ability, everyone has supported one another and the team's passion for success is contagious.  On Sunday 21 July we ran the Asics 10K with Katie Piper, and then on Sunday 4th August a group of us will be getting on their bikes for the 100 Mile Prudential Ride.

What’s so special about these initiatives is that they are bringing together people across Capco while also raising money for the Katie Piper Foundation, which supports and campaigns on behalf of burns victims and other persons affected by disfigurement injuries. And it really is ‘the more the merrier,’ so please get involved, either by coming along to cheer us on this Sunday or making a donation to the foundation by visiting our fundraising page.