Sumayya, Consulting Services - London



I am a senior consultant at Capco, and have several years’ experience working within Risk Management across top tier investment banks and global trading conglomerates. 

I am also a mum of three very lively children, two daughters and a son, who kept me very busy prior to joining Capco! Since joining the company as part of the Return to Work (RTW) cohort, I have met many other talented people that have taken time out of their careers. I am currently working with a global bank on their data tracing quality assessments for the PRA s166 Exam.  

The recruitment process at Capco has been a very positive experience. It’s rare to be able to meet so many different potential new colleagues during an interview process. That allowed me to gauge the range of experience and leadership within Capco and understand how my skills would fit and provide me with a platform to grow and develop. Every interviewer provided great insight into where my strengths could be leveraged, which gave me confidence in transitioning from industry to consulting. 

The two-week induction was extremely well organized, and a great opportunity to meet so many different colleagues across Capco. It provides the RTW cohort with snapshots of interesting work that is in play and how we can be involved. Every colleague that delivered presentations and workshops during the two-week induction also encouraged and arranged one to one catch-ups to really understand how our specific experiences could align with different capabilities at Capco. This made everyone feel welcomed and valued. 

Capco truly embodies its ethos of Be Yourself at Work. Everyone at Capco wants you to get the best out of your personal experiences, both professionally and personally. It can be daunting returning to work after time away, which can make you feel unsure about all your prior achievements. I would urge prospective RTW applicants to remember how much you have to offer, not only from your rich professional experiences but also from your growth personally having taken a career break. Do not apologize for your break – embrace it and build from it! 

The last four months since I joined has been a very steep learning curve. Choosing a project that utilizes my prior experiences and knowledge was a wise decision, allowing me to grow in confidence and feel like I add value in every piece of work that I do. That growth in self-confidence is certainly among the most rewarding aspects of the program. I have felt valued and appreciated by my team and leadership, which has made me feel like my career break was not a ‘break’ at all. The support and encouragement of my other RTW colleagues, my coach, mentor and wider Capco leadership has been invaluable in hitting the ground running!

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