Didier, Intern, Orlando


My transition from the Year Up Professional Placement (YUPRO) Program to Capco was a seamless experience, thanks to the excellent management and the culture at Capco. Also, extremely helpful in my transition was utilizing Udemy, a prominent online learning platform, for acquiring new skills.

During my first month at Capco, I had the opportunity to work with Luke Penca, a highly knowledgeable and supportive individual in the field of software engineering. Under his guidance, I gained a wealth of knowledge, overcoming my apprehensions about being assigned to a project. My mentors, Orlando Morales and Matthew Markham, provided invaluable advice, and I also learned a lot from McKinley Hall and the CSR team, who are passionate about effecting change in the community.

During an initial visit to the Capco office, conversations with developers about their aspirations, new frameworks, and emerging technologies piqued my interest and provided a sense of belonging at Capco. Their willingness to offer guidance and share their experiences was especially valuable, fostering an environment of support and encouragement.

It was comforting to encounter other interns from YUPRO who were always eager to help and engage in conversation. For those considering an internship with Capco, it is essential to remain open-minded, motivated, and always willing to learn. The training process is continuous, and there are many opportunities for growth and expansion. Collaboration with teams and asking for assistance when necessary is crucial, and being true to oneself is key to achieving success in a team-oriented work environment.

Using Udemy to enhance your skills is highly recommended as it equips interns with the knowledge and expertise to take on projects effectively. Additionally, consistent practice of acquired skills and offering to assist others when the opportunity arises can be beneficial for both personal and team growth. For those new to software engineering or learning a new tech skill, it is essential to acknowledge and communicate your inexperience. Many developers have similar backgrounds and are willing to offer guidance.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my mother, who passed away due to breast cancer, for being a source of inspiration and motivation. I am eternally grateful for her unwavering support and encouragement, which enabled me to achieve my dream of becoming a software engineer. This accomplishment is a testament to her love and legacy, and I hope to continue making her proud.