My name is Mengistu Desta. I am pleased to share that my transition from the YUPRO Apprentice Program with Year Up to Capco has been a fantastic experience. Prior to my enrolment in Year Up, I was working with Generation USA and Upwardly Global to secure an apprenticeship. I found Year Up to be incredibly responsive to my needs, and I would like to extend my gratitude to them for their exceptional support. Upon researching Capco, I discovered that its culture and values were well-aligned with my own. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for me to join Capco, I decided to drive from Minnesota to North Carolina to pursue my dream.

I am delighted to share that my first month at Capco has been wonderful. The onboarding and training processes were seamless, and I found everyone to be welcoming and eager to assist. It is truly a blessing to be working alongside such talented individuals here at Capco. One key lesson that I have learned during this time is the critical importance of fully understanding the business practices of the company prior to embarking on any project. This insight has been invaluable in helping me to navigate my role and contribute meaningfully to the organization.

As someone who has recently transitioned into a corporate position, I would like to offer some advice to others who may be embarking on a similar journey. While technical skills are certainly important, it is crucial to recognize that soft skills are equally essential to achieving success in a consulting role. I strongly recommend focusing on developing a range of critical soft skills, including effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, organization, time management, and attention to detail. 

A successful business operates like a well-conducted orchestra, with each member contributing their unique talents and abilities to achieve a common goal. By identifying your strengths and honing your skills, you can make a valuable contribution to your team and the organization. Remember that Capco is here to support your growth and development, both personally and professionally. With dedication and commitment, you will quickly find yourself ‘playing’ in harmony with your colleagues and being part of the joint success.