Michel Amato, part of Capco’s Intelligent Automation, Data Science & Analytics team, reflects on why it makes him happy to always be doing something new.

Hello everyone! My name is Michel and I’m a South African born chemical engineer who delivers technology and data transformation projects for Capco. As someone who thrives off variety in their work, I’ve found an enjoyable home at Capco where I can both learn and add value.

Capco’s open structure allows me to do what I love and to propel my career in the direction I desire. I’m someone who enjoys both technical coding and business-oriented consulting work, and have experience delivering digital transformation across a broad range of different data and technology work.

Unlike most companies, Capco has no formal internal silos, but rather allows consultants to gravitate towards different internal communities that cater for their career interests and expertise. I have taken advantage of this to get involved in different capabilities across Capco, allowing me to grow while simultaneously adding value for clients.

My prior work experience delivering robotic process automation and data analytics solutions led to me becoming involved in Capco’s Intelligent Automation, Data Science and Analytics capabilities, while I have also aligned myself to our Insurance capability. The result is that I'm always involved in a variety of interesting work, and can take an open-minded approach to solving a client's business problem by selecting the most fit-for-purpose solution.

Additionally, within these different communities, I can dip in and out of a variety of initiatives including hardcore python coding within our Data Labs to create go-to-market prototypes, writing thought leadership articles, running internal learning sessions, engaging with exciting technology vendors through our partnerships, working on new client proposals, and conducting interviews.

I’m always doing something different. Some weeks I’ll find myself conducting five interviews which can include live coding sessions or consulting case studies, while others I’ll get to run learning sessions to spread awareness of intelligent automation within Capco.

I have equally enjoyed tackling the interesting business problems we are asked to solve for our clients, who are regularly some of the largest organizations within the financial services industry. I have been lucky enough to be the technical lead on a challenging, but incredibly interesting, data transformation program with a Tier 1 health insurer and worked collaboratively with the client to make them a more data-driven organization.

Another key reason I have been so happy since joining Capco last January is the inclusive and collaborative culture. As someone who enjoys variety in their work life, I am happy to say I have found a home at Capco where I can be myself and get involved in the work that interests me.

If anyone has anyone questions about life at Capco or wants to have a more specific discussion around intelligent automation, data science or analytics, please feel free to reach out to Michel.amato@capco.com.