I joined Capco 3 years ago after partaking in the goldilocks dance of trying out companies too big and too small. Capco was a perfect fit for me, providing that family feel coupled with the depth and breadth of skilled consultants, role model leaders and a strong pipeline of interesting work.

I started my Capco career as part of the Digital team in London, which was growing rapidly, offering exciting opportunities in strategy and end-to-end digital delivery. My first project as a product business analyst was to design and develop completely new mobile app journeys for Open Banking and PSD2, new EU online payments directives. The client was starting to work in Agile and there was a great deal of opportunity to embed best practices within the role and team, not just from a business analyst (BA) perspective but from a full Agile lifecycle point of view. From before I even started at Capco, ‘Agile’ was moving away from just being a buzzword into something much larger and here to stay. With more recent shifts to remote working across teams and geographies, demand for Agile is now taking organisations by storm.

I have always enjoyed Agile delivery within the technology space. Seeing you and your team’s hard work pay off when a new product or feature goes live and knowing you were part of the early stages through to the end in driving that vision into a reality is what makes work meaningful. Agile BAs are central to any Agile team clarifying and communicating what needs to be achieved. They create a common goal and direction in delivery by supporting the whole team to achieve this and allow for a clear path to implementation. Agile BAs also adopt a light coaching role where necessary to embed new ways of working and best practice in the everyday delivery roles of the team members.

Working at Capco, I have been privileged to work with some incredibly supportive and inspiring leaders and peer groups that have helped me shape my own career path.  The thought leadership and commitment that exists here in developing people, separates Capco from other places I have worked.

Just last year, I was empowered to create a dedicated Agile BA chapter within the Ways of Working (WoW) practice. This has since grown into something much larger - now including all types of Agile WoW specialists and has helped attain and successfully land new talent within our digital community.

Most recently, the Agile Chapter team, along with strong sponsorship from our leadership, has driven improvement in performance management processes to be more in-line with modern delivery criteria and expectations. You can create your own brand within a company like Capco as they truly are interested in your personal and professional development. There are also other communities within Capco, from proposition design to engineering and architecture, where you can feel there is a place you can devote your growth and learning and pave your own path.