I would like to start by sharing my personal motto – “If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.” My journey began by looking for data engineering opportunities, and I found these after joining Year Up. Accruing more than 200 hours of hands-on training in hard and soft skills helped me become career-ready and prepared me for my transition from being a Capco intern to a full-time associate. I would like to thank Year Up for helping me gain the skills and experience, and for the support that empowered me to move forward and reach my goals.

My first month’s experience at Capco was excellent. I started my full-time role as an associate consultant by participating in Capco’s Associate Talent Program (ATP) for two weeks. Thanks to this program, I was able to learn about different domains, clients’ interests and current trends. Also, a series of training sessions on Excel, PowerPoint, business writing, critical thinking, data, presentations, problem-solving, communication, consulting best practices, and effective team collaboration (to name a few) helped maximize my knowledge and gave me confidence while supporting one of Capco’s marquee clients.

Currently, I am part of the Freddie Mac App modernization project where the client is implementing a data lake solution on the AWS cloud platform to modernize their legacy infrastructure by migrating the big data analytics platform  (BDAP). Since transitioning from being an intern to full-time employee, I have been fortunate enough to develop my skills in many tools such as CI/CD, Jenkins, Talend, IICS, Snowflake, Collibra, Okera, Dremio, and AWS native technologies and to assist the client with deployment, data governance registration, implementation and validation.

I have grown to love the Capco culture where everyone is supportive and willing to help each other. From the first day of my internship to now as an associate, Capco has always shown commitment to my success by providing a domain expert coach, a buddy, as well as offering Udemy courses to further my development. I consider myself very fortunate to be shadowing an Executive Group Sales Director, who also provides me with guidance and insight into different types of roles and responsibilities that I could take on as a consultant. His constructive feedback has helped me become more confident in my day-to-day project work and excel in my career.

I have learned so many valuable lessons at Capco. As I am a shy and introverted person, one of the best lessons I have learned is how to get out of my comfort zone and ask questions. Also, I always stay focused in team meetings and make an effort to learn from other’s perspectives. 

My tip for upcoming students is to not be nervous or shy. Capco puts a lot of people behind you to set you up for success. All team members are supportive and approachable, and all you need to do is set goals for yourself and ask questions if you are stuck.

Thank you to Capco for giving me this opportunity - with the resources and team members’ support, the company has made me feel a valuable member of the Business Intelligence and Data Consultancy team. I look forward to applying my passion, determination, and client-site experience to all future opportunities with Capco!