Myles, Consultant, London




My name is Myles (named after a famous jazz musician Miles Davis), and I am a robotic process automation engineer. I work on data transformation and automation projects. For someone like me who enjoys self-development and working with new tools and technology, Capco is most fitting and I can add value here.

I enjoy building bots, and Capco has shown me that there is much more to consulting than meets the eye, providing both online and offline courses which have helped improve my skills and enhance my capabilities.

Capco is huge on integrity and building internal communities around common interests and capabilities. This allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and share ideas, knowledge and experience which benefits all concerned and results in growth. For me, that is exactly what happened. Meeting people with diverse backgrounds but similar interests allowed me to broaden my knowledge and discover areas I didn’t know existed prior to those interactions.

Outside of client work, I focus on self-development, supporting others in finding new project roles, getting involved with different communities, training on Blue Prism software, conducting feedback interviews for the Associates Training Programme and facilitating internal learning sessions.

Since joining Capco, I’ve felt great that I found a home. It is a company that is devoted to facilitating training and development for employees and truly practices what it preaches. The diversity allows me to feel included on projects and within communities, the culture is forever expanding, and innovative ideas are always being brought to the forefront. For someone who enjoys a decent work-life balance, Capco has proved to be extremely accommodating in supporting that, providing work from home incentives and more. I can truly be myself and decide on what career direction to take with the full support from Capco.