My experience transitioning from Year Up to Capco was different than other Year Up interns. I graduated from the program in 2017, after a six-month internship at Twitter with their information security team. Later, I went back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in information technology. Then Yupro, a subsidiary of Year Up that works with Year Up alumni, approached me in late 2020 with a fantastic opportunity to join Capco. My work experience during and post-graduation from the university working with CRM products, startups delivering modern solutions, application development, and cloud computing, played a significant role in my successful transition to the consulting world.
My first month at Capco as a full-time employee was overwhelming. After two weeks of being in the intense and supportive Associate Talent Program (ATP), I now had more free time and less structured / planned out days while I was trying to find a project that was most relevant to my skillset. Luckily, I was not alone with the new friends I made during ATP training. We were all in the same boat applying for open projects, while volunteering to support with community work where needed. 

While waiting for a cybersecurity position to become available, I decided to broaden my search to include other technology opportunities beyond cybersecurity-related projects. My broad technical background in data analysis, cloud computing, and development enabled me to pitch myself to multiple teams and practice areas. As a result, I interviewed for a couple of positions requiring Tableau, Excel, and Unqork. At the same time, I partnered with another associate from ATP to develop an internal deck on Capco’s cloud offerings. I also prepared for my second AWS certification, the Amazon Associate Solution Architect. It was beneficial to have the time to complete trainings and earn new certifications. It aided my understanding of cloud security and helped me contribute to internal Capco initiatives while looking for my first client project. 
My advice for incoming students is to stay hungry and consume a lot of new information and skills. Work on developing your Excel, PowerPoint, and public speaking skills while you look for your first project. Get into the habit of taking notes and sending them to your team after each meeting — this helps you stand out immediately and become an integral part of your team from the beginning. Everyone appreciates receiving good meeting minutes. My other advice is to build a solid professional relationship and friendship with your coach. They will be your primary advocate within Capco and will help you succeed in the organization. Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions if a quick Google search does not answer them!