Capco Commits to The Valuable 500


At Capco, we recognise that inclusion in the workplace is about more than having traditional diversity networks. True inclusion is about fostering an environment where all employees are encouraged to be themselves at work. We celebrate individuality in our work environment and reject a ‘one size fits all’ approach in our policies, processes and management. This includes those with visible and invisible difficulties, including neurodiversity and mental health.

We are committed to continuing to focus on the promotion of individuality within our organisation, acknowledging that every person can bring something different to the table. We will continue to focus on embracing difference and uniqueness – both internally and as we face our clients.

In 2020 we will identify, develop and implement strategies that address our most pressing inclusion needs, with a disability inclusion roadmap put in place by the start of 2021. In particular, we commit to prioritise a review of our recruitment processes, training and development, and working environment to ensure that they are inclusive and accessible and to identify where changes and reasonable adjustments are required.

Ultimately, we are committed to ensuring that everyone at Capco can “Be Yourself at Work”


Michael Ethelston
UK Managing Partner, Capco