“Highly organized with greater prioritization skills to deliver results in a constantly changing scenario.”


Joined Capco  2015
Re-joined Capco 2022
Role Senior Consultant II
Primary Skills Project Management and Business Analysis
Why I rejoined Capco?  Career Growth and Flexibility


After working at Capco for over six years, I felt it was time for me to explore the banking business side. I worked in that area at the beginning of my career and I wanted to see if I would enjoy working outside of the consulting space again.

I joined a global bank’s private business division and discovered how much large banks’ work environment and employee engagement have evolved. I also soon realized that I didn’t enjoy focusing just on the delivery side of projects and started missing the continuous challenges Capco gave me in terms of interacting with many diverse clients. My personal situation also changed since leaving Capco and I decided to explore the option of coming back.

I connected with one of my Capco project managers who took me through the various changes within the firm, taking time to discuss new client engagements and projects in the pipeline, so I had a clear idea about my career path had I decided to return.

I pondered on those conversations for a few days, and, remembering the kind of support during my earlier days with Capco, the motivation and transparency, I confirmed my decision to return shortly after.

After rejoining, I was welcomed with a new challenge - working with a client where Capco’s engagement was in an early stage. I was eager to start building the client’s trust by being proactive. Being part of growing a new client account has given me a lot of exposure and confidence, which is supporting my career development.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family - I have a three-year-old son who takes us down memory lane. During my son’s last birthday, I prepared a dish from the southern part of India called ‘Gongura Pulao’ with a salad and everyone from my family loved the dish and felt I could always change my career to a chef in the future!