"Not sure where this journey will take me but what I can say with certainty is that it worth a try."

Joined Capco:   2015 - Rejoined 2020
Role:                    Senior Consultant 
Primary skills:    Financial Crime Risk Management, PM/BA, Design
Interests:            Travelling, cooking, coaching

Hey, I am Maria! I am an adventurous full-time mum of 2 who loves travelling and good coffee.

I studied History and Politics, and my dream was to become a diplomat one day. Things didn’t work out as planned but I was fortunate enough to secure a Financial Crime role in London straight after I finished my master’s degree. Let’s say I was comfortable with office politics from the onset. I worked in the Financial Services industry for a couple of years in both permanent and contracting roles. 

The first part of my Capco journey dates back in 2015. Since then, I got the chance to work with many clients within the Financial Crime domain and got to know amazing people. I was privileged enough to have great managers that supported and coached me all the way through. One of the things I loved about Capco was the opportunity to get involved with community activities. This helped me develop good relationships with my network.  

While on maternity leave, I got promoted to Senior Consultant and I was really looking forward to going back to work, but I came across a great job opportunity which was too good to ignore. I left Capco with a heavy heart.

The next couple of years, I interacted with consultants from a different perspective, the client side. This new point of view made me reassess how the consultant-client relationship can be shaped and developed further. I experienced different challenges, however what I missed the most was the guidance and the motivation to set and chase career goals. Juggling between work and family commitments is never easy, but I was keen to keep move forward.

When I came across a Capco job opening, I excitedly thought “I’d give it a go”, if I only justify the reasons made me leave in the first place and was confident about what I was looking for this time around. Spoiler-alert: There was nothing negative, the work ethic was great, and I made some great friends previously, so decided to give it a go and prove to myself and Capco that the new skills and experience I gained the last two years made me the perfect candidate for this role. Talking to a friend about my return she asked me if I minded being a “boomerang" employee. I was comfortable with the idea as long as this “boomerang return” was the right and conscious step for myself and my career. Most importantly, I would satisfy my daughter who wanted to return to the CAPCO Christmas kids parties (!!)

A few interviews later, I entered the GES building once again ready to start the second part of my Capco journey. I was determined to make it work. Fast forward two years later and I find myself happy with where I am and what I do, satisfied with my work-life balance, gaining new experiences in areas I didn’t have the chance to work before, growing professionally, having a clear development plan but most importantly enjoying what I do.

Not sure where this journey will take me but what I can say with certainty is that it worth a try!