“Using my biomedical engineering background in the financial services industry has been invigorating.”

Joined Capco: 2019
Role: Consultant
Primary Skills: Customer Experience Strategy
Interests: Walking by the lake, cooking

I’ve always been interested in problem-solving, especially when I can improve someone’s day-to-day life. During my senior year at Northwestern University studying biomedical engineering, I realized my interests extended beyond biomedical sciences. I wanted to immerse myself in all things user research and wanted to explore how I could do this in different industries. Although my formal training was in applying design thinking and engineering principles to the human body, you can apply these skills to all sorts of problems.

I knew that Capco was the place for me when I learned about the growing digital practice and the work that they do. Product design and user research in finance was precisely the area I could apply my skill set.

Since associates come into Capco as generalists, I was anxious about initially struggling because I did not have a strong undergraduate background in finance. It has been great to be able to join the digital practice and develop my passion and skillset for user research. Due to the flatness of the organizational governance hierarchy, I have found great mentors who have invested in my professional development growth.

I am particularly proud of the work I did on re-designing an internal planning tool for a multinational investment bank’s advisors. We utilized user research and design thinking to dissect the pain points of the existing planning tool and then collaborated with the client through multiple iterations of refreshed designs. Using my biomedical engineering background in the financial services industry has been invigorating and this was a great first project where I could apply and develop the skills I gained in undergrad.

Another reason I love working at Capco is its focus on giving back. I am one of the leads for the North America Mental Health Support. We work very closely to provide tailored support for our employees. What I truly love about this initiative is that we are focused on applying design thinking to understand our employee’s pain points. It’s been a journey exploring the opportunities where Capco can be a mental health ally.

Although I attended university in the Chicago area, I did not get the opportunity to explore the city as much as I would have liked. Now that I am working in Chicago, I have been having fun exploring all the different neighborhoods around the city. When I’m feeling homesick, I like to go to China Town or Argyle to get some dim sum, baos, Thai food, and Vietnamese food, or when I wish I was in Peru again, I go to Pilsen and try to find a good cevicheria.