"Capco is a great place to learn and grow and develop your technical knowledge and soft skills"


Role Associate Consultant 
Location India
Primary Skills Java, SQL, JDBC, HTML, CSS, Linux, UNIX
Interests Playing Cricket and Tennis


My name is Digvijay Heralage. I joined Capco as an Associate Consultant in February 2022. I live with my family in Belagavi, famous for ‘kunda’ - a sweet delicacy of Karnataka.

Capco approached me for an opportunity which was a good match with my core skills and abilities. I found Capco to be a progressive and innovative firm, and well placed to deal with the dynamism of the industry. I am happy and excited to be part of Capco’s innovation journey and I like the unique company culture where we are all encouraged to Be Yourself at Work (BYAW) and treat everyone equally.

Capco’s Associate Training Program (ATP) has played a significant role in developing my skills. The program began with domain-specific training such as capital markets, risk overview, trade lifecycle, regulations, and derivative overview, and then moved on to technical training such as Java basics, SQL, Linux/Unix, etc. These training courses gave me a good foundation for the upcoming projects and helped me understand our roles and responsibilities better while preparing for the transition from a college fresher to a skilled working professional.

Capco is a great place to learn and grow and develop your technical knowledge and soft skills. It is not just the clients or the business that make an organization special - it is the people, and their approaches and ways of thinking make an organization unique. Capco’s BYAW and open culture makes it stand out from other firms in the industry.

In my spare time I play tennis and cricket whenever I can. I spend at least a couple of hours playing sports on a regular basis, which helps me re-energize and stay fit. I also love experimenting and exploring with new areas of coding, especially Java.

To unwind and relax I often go for long walks. I also find meditating and listening to music very relaxing. I am an art lover and I love to paint as it allows me to explore my creative side.