"Having worked as a consultant before founding my startup, I like the similarities between consultancy and entrepreneurship." 


Joined Capco          2021
Role           Principal Consultant
Primary Skills          PM, BA, innovative insurance product design & pricing 
Interests          Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding  


I joined Capco in 2021 between the second and third waves of COVID-19 and after my mobility data analytics startup was acquired. Having worked as a consultant before founding my startup, I like the similarities between consultancy and entrepreneurship. In both cases there is less hierarchy and more flexibility to plan your work and keep your work style, plus the opportunity to constantly challenge yourself. So, I decided to come back to the consulting industry, which is how I came to work for Capco. When I joined, Capco was beginning to build a new team to explore the insurance industry. This undertaking has been challenging, as we are building a new product and developing a new market. But for me, this is the best. I can keep my way of working, and my experience is appreciated.

At the beginning of my Capco journey, I did not feel anything special about the place. I remember the first day I spent at Capco Zurich office and I can’t say I felt a connection. But now, I belong here. It’s like a relationship. As colleagues, we are bound to each other by day-to-day life, by team lunches and after-work drinks, company events and working late on Fridays, and of course, the celebrations of projects going live.

I studied mathematics and started my career as an actuary and in my almost nine years of professional life, I have had projects in various industries in Europe and Southeast Asia. This included a core system implementation project for a Spanish private bank, a competitive pricing project for a Swiss life insurance, a business case for a German broker and a vendor selection project in Kuala Lumpur. I am currently working for a Singapore insurtech startup to help them develop innovative insurance products in Southeast Asia. Maybe it is the spirit of entrepreneurship - I feel I am helping people and that my work could make their lives better.

Besides dreaming of ‘changing the world’, I love mountains, oceans, and action sports. In the winter I go skiing or snowboarding every weekend. And I spend almost all of my annual five-week vacation on surfing trips. My daily transport is my lovely Penny Skateboard.

I am originally from China, now living and working in Switzerland. There are not many Asian girls working in the Swiss consultancy industry. But I’ve not felt like an outsider at Capco. There are many colleagues from different countries and I speak English or German in the office and sometimes Mandarin.