"Capco offers a welcoming environment that stimulates growth and diversity.“


Joined Capco  March 2022 
Role  Associate Consultant  
Professional skills        Teamwork, interpersonal skills, work efficiency and time management
Interests Sports (triathlon, horse riding, running, hiking, skiing), classical music, travelling and photography

As an associate consultant in the ICT Risk Team, my job is to consult with companies and help them to mitigate cyber risks and prevent cyber attacks. I started working for Capco Belgium in March 2022 after successfully concluding my Master’s degree in Cyber Security in Brussels.

When I arrived as a young graduate, my colleagues immediately took me under their wings and shared their knowledge and skills with me. Thanks to them, I took on my first client with confidence. Working at Capco is exciting and exhilarating – no day is the same. Learning new things every day about the client I am working is very much what consultancy life is all about and and why I love working at Capco: getting to know your client, the environment they work in and having the ability to change their businesses for the better.

Capco offers me both stability and opportunity as a young graduate. Capco has a very unique mindset: I feel I have a say in things and can communicate freely. There’s no restrictive hierarchy. While I have no financial services background, Capco recognized the value of my specific skills and has provided support in helping me bring those to apply those in a banking environment.

Capco is one big family, one where nobody is the same. My colleagues come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, but we are all part of one big team, and it all feels honest and natural. When I first stepped into the Capco offices, I immediately felt it - this is a welcoming and open environment. I have a great job and I work with great people. It doesn’t get any better!