"If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room."



Joined Capco Year 2014
Re-Joined Capco Year 2021
Location United Kingdom
Role Principal Consultant
Primary Skills Project Management, Business Analysis
Why I rejoined Capco A chance to re-join a company I loved but in a location that better suits my personal circumstances.  



I initially joined Capco London as part of the Associate Talent Programme in May 2014, with very little experience in financial services. The three years that followed were filled with fantastic opportunities and experiences both from a work and social perspectives. I moved through the ranks to Senior Consultant, while Capco gave me the tools, experience and confidence to try something new closer to home (in the North West).


An opportunity to work with former Capco colleagues at a new startup bank came up in Chester. For me it meant that I would be moving home and be closer to family, but also, sadly, that I would need to (with a heavy heart) leave Capco.


I found the move from working with Tier 1 investment banks to a close-knit team of 13 people trying to launch a retail bank strange but exciting, nonetheless. The skills I had learnt whilst at Capco and working with other ex-Capcos gave me full confidence that the startup would be a success.


As the years rolled on, I had kept in touch with several of my old Capco colleagues who I considered good friends and it was one of these friends who suggested that I come back as part of Capco North, and I didn’t need much convincing. The interview process was quick, and I couldn’t wait to come back and pick up from where I left off.


The Capco North team have made me feel so welcome and although (as you would expect) certain aspect of Capco life have changed since 2017, the sense of community and work ethic definitely remain. I’m now a year into my second stint here,  currently working in the insurance space and looking forward to what the future holds.