" I’m happy and lucky to be part of CAPCO family. Capco is a great place to grow technically and professionally." 

Joined Capco: 2021 
Role:  Associate Consultant  
Primary Skills:  Pyspark, SQL, Advanced Excel, Pandas  
Interests:  Travelling, Cooking  

My name is Jyoti Malhotra. I joined Capco as a data analyst and have been part of the Capco family since March 2021. I live in Amritsar, which is popularly known as the “City of Golden Temple.” The Golden Temple is famous for its full golden dome built with approximately 400 kgs (about 881.85 lb) of gold.

I had a wonderful experience during my interview rounds at Capco. The hiring and onboarding process was smooth and professional. In the initial conversations, as well as through my own research, I understood Capco’s rich cultural diversity and the opportunities everyone gets here to learn and grow. I also got to know about the Associate Data Program (ADP) and its potential to upskill and build one’s career. It all made more sense when I finally joined Capco. I have been getting many opportunities and strong support from my managers and peers to grow beyond projects and roles. I was provided training in PySpark, SQL, Power BI, data analytics, Python, data manipulation with Pandas, and big data overview.
Without a doubt, the ADP program has been useful to upskill myself. I feel I am better prepared to deal with various technical challenges at the workplace. Besides the technical training that I got from the ADP program, my interpersonal and communication skills have also been enhanced tremendously. Now I am confident enough to apply the knowledge gained from the training in my project assignments and I enjoy my work.

I have been here for more than a year and half now, and the journey has been exciting. I can express my views and apply my ideas at work effectively which gives me a sense of accomplishment. My coworkers are supportive and always encourage me and create a comfortable environment where I can grow and progress. 

I was always interested in finance, and Capco provided the right opportunity to work on global banking projects. The support system of Capco management, leaders and coworkers helped me unlock my potential. The conducive work environment made me deliver my assignments and tasks confidently and independently. I exceeded the client expectations and was awarded multiple accolades and appreciations. 

I am passionate about travelling and like to explore new places. Whenever I get a chance, I pack my bags and head toward new destinations. Out of all tourist destinations, mountains attract me the most as they are peaceful and calm. I have been to Leh – Ladakh and Kashmir. My love for road journeys motivated me to drive to this beautiful part of the world. Srinagar’s Dal Lake, houseboats, shikaras and gardens are an absolute treat. I recommend everyone should visit Kashmir once in a lifetime to see nature in its truest form. I also like listening to slow and soothing music, preferably Bollywood songs. My favorite singer is Arijit Singh. I listen to music to reduce my stress and anxiety. It helps me to unwind and relax.