“As a diverse employee, I can personally attest to Capco's unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect.”

Joined Capco 2023
Role Principal Consultant
Professional Skills Cyber strategy, governance risk & compliance (GRC), risk management, cyber maturity assessment
Interests Family time, travel, music, reading

While I have more than 12 years of experience as a cybersecurity and technology leader, my career hasn’t always followed a straight line. Born and raised in Honduras, Central America, I initially pursued a degree in music production and performance, alongside business administration.

For nearly two decades, music was my lifeblood. I thrived on teaching, performing, recording, and sharing my passion across Latin America. However, a growing fascination with technology and cybersecurity eventually drew me back to academia. Since then, my career choices have been fueled by a dual desire: to create impactful cybersecurity solutions and to embrace continuous learning and growth.

Before joining Capco, I researched the company's values, culture, and projects. Its reputation as a leader in the financial sector, driving digital transformation, deeply resonated with me. The interview process was engaging and insightful, solidifying my positive impression of the supportive and dynamic environment fostered by the people and culture at the business. This commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders confirmed Capco as the perfect fit for my next role.

Over the past few years, cyber strategy and risk management have been incredibly rewarding. I've played a leading role in several significant projects, including designing cybersecurity frameworks, global operations and resilience programs. One project I'm particularly proud of involved leading a global business operations and cyber resilience program for a $10 billion Tier 1 investment banking firm. 

We developed a minimum viable operation (MVO) strategy across multiple regions, assessing risk exposure, identifying viable workarounds, and rigorously testing and validating proposed solutions. Following this, we implemented resilient architecture strategies, conducted thorough testing, documented processes, and delivered training programs to ensure robust cyber resilience capabilities across the firm globally. The strong leadership support and collaborative efforts from cross-functional teams made this project a truly memorable and satisfying achievement.

Beyond project work, Capco has provided exceptional opportunities for professional growth, mentorship, and collaboration with industry experts. As a diverse employee, I can personally attest to Capco's unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect. This environment, where everyone can be their authentic selves, has been instrumental in propelling me forward in my professional journey.

Beyond work, my family serves as a constant source of inspiration and strength. Spending quality time with my wife and kids, traveling, playing games, and of course, music, bring immense joy and balance to my life. At home, we relish game nights and I enjoy reading personal development books. My musical life continues to flourish as I play piano and guitar, and we often have family karaoke nights. I'm incredibly grateful to be able to strike a fulfilling balance between my rewarding career at Capco and my vibrant family life.