Joined Capco:  2018
Role: Principal Consultant, APAC Digital Assets Lead
Primary skills: Digital Strategy, Project Management, Business Model Transformation, Business Analysis
Interests: Innovation and fintech ecosystem, economy, entrepreneurship, spending time in nature

I am naturally a curious person who can’t sit still in one place, something my schoolteachers back home in Poland were never happy about. I was interested in science from my early years: as a kid I dreamed of building a spaceship and learned to code at the age of seven. Martial arts, music, DJing, building my own electronics equipment, photography, news reporting – these have been just a few of my interests since then. “All over the place”, as my mother would say!

As a curious and driven person, consulting as a career is a natural choice for me – being able to pivot what I am doing is very important. While I spent a couple of years during my career out in industry, coming back to consulting was very refreshing.

Before joining Capco I had worked with another major consulting company, which involved a lot of travel and projects in locations ranging from Warsaw to Munich, London, Malaga and finally Bangkok. I was drawn to Asia both on a personal and professional level and staying in the region was a no-brainer. The growth agenda that exists in the digital assets space in this region, which is much stronger than in Europe, was a key factor for my desire to relocate.

When a planned internal transfer to Singapore did not materialize, the newly opened Capco office in Bangkok offered an exciting career opportunity. The interview process was a very quick and positive experience, so I didn’t hesitate in accepting the job offer. Starting my Capco journey in Bangkok while helping to set up a new office and new team has been a lot of fun.

Business development in Thailand is a unique experience as a foreigner, along with familiarising with local customs and language. It has been a great learning experience, particularly when I began working with a local bank as a client of Capco - what a great team to support and to spend time with.

I have recently started a new lead role to set up and set up a novel fintech banking business for one of Singapore’s leading international banks. It is an opportunity that was very much aligned with my professional aspirations, so I decided to relocate from Bangkok to Singapore. I’m satisfied with how client work is coming along well, and I’m surrounded by great people. The move has proven to be a lot of fun and another valuable learning experience.

I am very grateful to be here, especially during this challenging period during a global pandemic. I was unexpectedly stranded back in Poland early on for a few months, which was an was uneasy experience, but I am grateful to Capco for providing the necessary support to help me through the situation.