The global financial services industry is undergoing a period of profound change. Post-crisis influences include merger (strategic and enforced), national and international regulatory frameworks, consumer demand, innovation and new market entrants. Survival and growth in this environment demands recognition of opportunity as well as challenge. It requires understanding of the strategic big picture. And, crucially, it needs insight into the ways in which global drivers translate into operational decisions, technology choices and implementation.

Our Capco Insights summarize our practice-led understanding of the real impact of, and opportunity inherent within, the global drivers referenced above.

Our Insights currently examine the following key issues:

IT Supply Chain advocates a move away from the “black box” theory of technology specification and implementation, toward a more holistic view that interprets the technology as a key contributor to the business eco-system.

Loss Mitigation Borrower behavior is likely to include a significant default element for some time to come. Strategic, loss-mitigation-based loan-modification initiatives represent a vigorous route to improved loan performance, customer and shareholder reassurance and market stability.

Post Merger Integration looks at what is needed, in terms of implementation, to help increase the chances of pre-merger expectations being fully realized beyond Day One.

Regulatory Reform takes a different perspective on compliance - as an active driver of wider business alignment with commercial opportunity and much more than a compliance box check.