Expertise applied

Capco has built a unique resource of concentrated practitioner expertise, focused exclusively on the global financial services industry. Our resource is configured closely around the specific needs and the specialized activity areas of the industry. We offer 7 key “domains” of financial services expertise, staffed with highly experienced teams who understand both the strategic business change drivers and their technology implications.

In each domain, our financial services industry experts go beyond the essentials of regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency to identify and help exploit the medium and long-term commercial opportunities. Their approach is to look not simply at the challenges, but at what can be achieved in terms of securing revenue growth and profit.

Our clients access and apply Capco’s cutting-edge expertise in the following areas:

+   Banking
+   Capital Markets
+   Finance, Risk & Compliance
+   Global Delivery Model
+   Package Integration
+   Technology
+   Wealth & Investment Management