Driving Proactive Wellbeing

It is acknowledged across the health insurance industry that prevention is better than cure, but the trend towards active engagement in health metrics has only recently taken off. Insurers are keen to capture health metrics to improve pricing accuracy and drive positive health behaviours, and individuals are increasingly keen to share their data for a perceived benefit. This could be tracking fitness improvements, support with smoking cessation, guided meditation or for discounts on sportswear. To maximise this opportunity, insurers need to make it simple for customers to engage with them and beneficial for them to continue to do so on a regular basis – be that through a dedicated portal or a mobile app.

Capco can assist with the end-to-end build and implementation progress, from requirements gathering to design, deployment, and maintenance. Our agile teams combine business analysis and project management skills with the deep technical expertise needed to build user-friendly engagement platforms. 

Providing Corporate Customers with Meaningful Health Insights

Corporate buyers of health insurance are looking for more insight from their insurers than ever before. Historically reporting has been focused on numbers of claimants, spend and treatments provided – an after the fact review of how the private medical insurance policies were utilised. Nowadays, organisations are looking for improved insight by location, behavioural trends, and work-related causes to help them identify where they can provide more support to employees to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce the need for healthcare intervention. To deliver this, insurers need accurate and organised data, leading analytics capabilities, and the ability to communicate complex insights to senior stakeholders.

Our teams combine the data architecture and visualisation expertise needed to support health insurers in building analytical insights tools, with domain and data literacy experts needed to build confidence in understanding data insights and using them to make business decisions.

Data Management 

Health insurance is not unique in facing the challenges of legacy systems, data architecture and governance, and a less-than-perfect approach to managing reference data. In addition, the industry faces challenges of holding large volumes of confidential medical data and the need to interface seamlessly with a variety of third-party healthcare providers.

Our teams of data strategy, architecture and governance experts can help navigate these complexities and can advise on best practice arrangements to meet all legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, whilst driving value for the business.


When institutions come to us with their challenges, they expect us to cut through complexity and add genuine value. We respond with effective solutions delivered by consulting professionals who are distinguished experts in their fields. Our clients recognize and value the Capco difference – front-line experience, distinctive insights, and a total commitment to success.