Employee Experience Digitization


With more than 20 years of experience using design thinking and customer-centricity to deliver incredible experiences for our financial service customers. We have applied our expertise to create Capco’s Employee Experience Portal – a scalable, secure, mobile and web optimized portal - delivers an intuitive and personalized experience for employees, delivering on employee expectations while accelerating digitization efforts cost effectively.


  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Greater productivity
  • Cost reductions for internal support
  • Increased efficiencies


  • UI designed by real users for all levels of technical familiarity
  • Modern and simple for interface, personalized to the user and customizable to the organization
  • Easy integration with existing IT technology, including ServiceNow and WorkDay compatibility
  • Responsive and accessible on any device
  • Up to 80 percent reduction in end-to-end execution
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in the number of distinct interactions
  • Automated key processes to increase the number of tasks performed
  • Reengineer subprocesses to further realize improvements