We view independent agents, captive agents, managing general agencies, brokers, and managing general underwriters as core constituents in the insurance value chain. We offer management consulting, AMS implementation services, and a wide range of digital capabilities to streamline processes, increase your connection to customers, and automate redundant work, thus enabling staff to spend time focusing on clients -not administrative work.

Strategy Consulting

  • Digital strategy
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Agile training and coaching

Core System Transformation Advisor

  • Core brokerage systems

There is a wide range of solutions available for brokerages – from core management systems to digital front-ends. Capco is engaged in a full spectrum of offerings, along these lines including our own digitally enabled submission and claims front-ends, that digitize those processes. The goals are to reduce and remove redundant non-value activities and increase insight and engagement. We accomplish these goals by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

  • Agency management system consulting

Independent agents are critically important to the insurance value chain and to Capco. Our ability to scale-up or down allow us to help both large and small agencies incorporate key digital technologies to connect with carriers and clients. While we believe strongly in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we do not subscribe to the romantic notion that these technologies will replace humans. Rather, we believe technology - when coupled with experienced professionals - achieves the most important goal – customer satisfaction.

Digital Insurance Implementation Consulting

  • Digital Centers of Excellence (CoE)
    - Defining Digital
    - Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    - Customer experience (CX)
    - Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Data science
  • RPA implementation services
  • Digital assistants - chatbots
  • Digital hub
  • Cybersecurity and resiliency services
  • Financial crimes

Compliance and Risk Management

The regulatory environment is increasingly complex and always changing. Failure to maintain compliance carries stiff financial and reputational consequences.
Capco consulting can help you assess your risk, develop a comprehensive compliance management system (CMS), establish customized policies and procedures, educate your staff, monitor and test for ongoing compliance, remediate apparent violations of law and other compliance weaknesses, generate useful management reports, and successfully prepare and respond to regulatory examinations.

Process Digitization - Blockworkx

In a competitive, changing business environment, insurance companies gain competitive advantage and reduce costs by transforming their processes. At Capco we can optimize your business processes with a proven methodology and an enterprise-wide digitization solution called Blockworkx.

Blockworkx leverages pre-built and tested patterns that enable efficient, agile business processes to be rapidly stood up and evolve with your company’s needs. Our solution enables organizations to leverage a suite of functionalities to improve process efficiency, continually improve and modify processes to respond to changing business needs and integrate new digital capabilities.

Find out how we can transform your distribution channel by contacting insurance@capco.com.


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The insurance industry in Asia is booming. Meanwhile, Asian consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy. This presents exciting opportunities for insurance companies. Read about the top five top insurtech trends they should be looking out for in 2019.
22 January 2019
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The attitude to cyber insurance is changing.  Now seen as a core element of mainstream business risk management, the global cyber insurance market is projected to triple and reach $7.5 billion by the end of the decade. These levels of growth present insurers with massive opportunities - however, cyber insurers are waking up to a tough reality.

10 April 2018
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The internet of things (IoT) is disrupting all kinds of industries and insurance is no exception. In the following three parts, we discuss the different technologies driving this disruption, in addition to methods for embedding these technologies into a range of insurance propositions.
11 December 2017