“A warm environment that challenges you and rewards your efforts, that's how I would describe Capco." 

Joined Capco: 2021
Role: Consultant in the ICT Risk Team
Primary Skills: Business analysis, records management, project coordination
Interests: Yoga, hiking, traveling, baking

After having graduated and a few internships, I joined Capco about one-and-a-half years ago and stepped into the exciting world of consultancy. I had always wanted to kick-off my career in the field of consulting because of the many learning opportunities and the exposure to different kinds of projects/experiences. I believe this gives you the chance to learn and grow quickly, but also challenges you in a way that you will have to step out of your comfort zone. I had no experience in consultancy, so it was a big leap into the unknown. Curiosity and perseverance ensured that I quickly felt at home in the ICT Risk team. With no background knowledge, I soon picked up a lot of knowledge on various topics, such as data management, privacy and information security. Because I am someone who often sets the bar high for herself, I sometimes struggled. At times, I was a bit lost and tried to grasp a better understanding of topics I was working on but at Capco it is easy to go to a colleague (junior or senior) for some extra explanation. Thanks to the support of the team and my constant efforts, I am still growing every day.

Support from the team and the human approach within Capco are important to me. The company blew me away with the way I was guided when I started work. A few examples of this are a coach I can always turn to and who calls me every now and then, the approachability of everyone within the flat hierarchy in the company and the slogan 'Be yourself at work.

I also like the variation within the job. On the one hand, there is the work for Capco itself such as trying to spot future projects, onboarding new joiners and writing blogs revolving around topics you are passionate about (going over current and future projects, writing blogs, onboarding new people, etc.). Sustainability is something I’m very passionate about and Capco encourages me to talk to experts within our company in the field of ESG. This has led to several interesting conversations and, who knows, maybe a blog article in the future. from the Capco work, I mainly work for clients. My first project revolved around data management and, today, I am mainly working on client reporting within an international investment organisation. This variety in projects makes the job fun, instructive and challenging – it’s ideal for a young enthusiastic person like myself.