"You can feel this special team spirit and see how it encourages the entrepreneur in everyone."

Joined Capco: 2019
Role:         Senior Consultant, UX/UI Designer
Primary skills: Visual Design, User-Centric Design
Interests: DJing, fitness, podcasts

I am a very creative person both in my work and in my free time. I am always open to new challenges where I can work with people and companies to get their ideas rolling. In my job this is reflected through design and in my spare time in the role as a DJ: I want to give people the best feeling, whether using a digital product or on the dance floor.

Prior to Capco, I worked in a digital agency and I couldn't imagine what being a consultant in the financial industry entailed, but I was intrigued by the combination of the design approach and the unknown. During the first interviews I immediately recognized the potential of Capco to help the financial industry from a design perspective.

At Capco, I want to establish a sustainable foothold in the growing financial industry. To achieve this vision a very exciting team is needed, and what I really appreciate about Capco is the open nature of interactions with colleagues. Everyone helps one another and is working collaboratively. In our UX group you can especially feel this special team spirit and see how it encourages the entrepreneur in everyone.

In my region, I was one of the first designers to work at Capco, and many colleagues didn't understand what a UX/UI designer does, so there was a lot of interest in my role. Eighteen months later, we are now a booming team, and have not only strengthened Capco via the addition of a new capability but are also helping our clients to think and act outside the box.

Capco’s commitment to developing innovative solutions for the financial industry makes for one of the best working environments. As designers, we have a major role to play in shaping the future of banks and banking. In my work with clients, I do not limit myself to the financial sector but try to incorporate insights from other industries, and these are often catalysts for new ideas. For example, I was able to draw upon my experience on an old digitization farming project in the conception of a KPI monitoring dashboard within an agile environment for a large German bank. That is why working as a designer is so exciting.

Our recent acquisition of Creative Construction, a digital innovation firm based in Berlin, opened up many new opportunities for me. Together with one of our new design/innovation executive directors, I have been working on the first non-financial project in our region. Such opportunities highlight how fresh projects can generate new knowledge that we can then bring to our work in the financial industry. This instills confidence in me, personally, and makes me proud to be part of Capco.

Aside from work with clients, I have been able to make a significant impact within the company through my work as a designer, helping many colleagues in various departments to present their ideas through the right visual design or design method. Using the right tools, such as Sketch, InVision and Adobe Creative Suite, I was able to offer insights into the design and creation of prototypes to enable them to present more effectively to clients. This is the ideal way to offer clients unique experiences and convince them of our expertise. I draw my inspiration from interactions with people and from music, which has been a companion during every phase of life. I am part of our CSR team and do what I can to make a contribution to our society. It is important to me that we do not just think of ourselves, but rather about how together we can create something great.