“What gives Capco an outstanding advantage over other employers is the size and diversity of their top-tier banking clients portfolio.”


Joined Capco: 2020
Role:         Consultant
Primary skills: Murex Technology, Capital Markets, Financial Analysis 
Interests:         A variety of sports, piano, guitar, cooking 

My name is Pavel Marek, and I am a consultant in the Capital Markets domain at Capco Bratislava. 

For many years, I worked in collateral management and back-office post-trade processing support; however, currently, my work is focused on other functional modules with the aim of becoming a versatile full-stack expert of the Murex landscape. My ideal role would be a functional SME/developer for the Murex technology (front and back office). 

From my student days, I have been attracted to applied math, financial analytics and the adrenaline tied to the volatility of capital markets and have never questioned my career direction as a result. Unfortunately, only a tiny handful of companies in Central Europe offer meaningful opportunities to entice curious and ambitious individuals like me in this space.

What gives Capco an outstanding advantage over other employers is the size and diversity of their top-tier banking clients portfolio. Alongside that comes the considerable flexibility Capco consultants enjoy when it comes to influencing clients’ choices. 

There are many truly rewarding elements to what I do. I enjoy the feeling at the end of each workday that I made a difference. In addition, many roles offer the possibility of travel to exciting places. 

There can be plenty of things that don't go according to plan during projects, but at Capco, I feel that people will always recognize your best effort. Similarly, when you do well and deliver, you are never overlooked.

Outside of the work itself, as a typical expat with mostly remote home-office setting, I have been provided with a great support system even with issues not directly connected to my job. The same goes for amazing team-building incentives, and it was great to see that these have not been put on hold due to the pandemic. 

One of my project highlights was when - as a new joiner - I participated, as part of a team of two, in helping a major German bank to smoothly transition all their financial interest rate products from the soon-to-be terminated LIBOR indices to new benchmark rates. Even though I didn't have as much experience in that area, I learned quickly under the supervision of an experienced colleague. As time went on, our project team grew into a group of five easy-going teammates from whom I gained a wealth of knowledge. Without any hesitation, I can say that I learned more in my relatively short tenure at Capco than I did during the last few years at a bank. That's what Capco can do.

Capco really cares about their people and their career growth and so offers them great opportunities to take training courses and engage in online sessions with both internal and external specialists. What makes it even more useful for the busy consultant, is that most of the training sessions are scheduled on multiple occasions and repeated regularly.

Capco also encourages us to participate in courses tailored for our individual career growth. This has given me the opportunity to pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst certification to support my career goals.

Given that most of the Murex projects are usually complex and demanding, it goes without saying that our teams work hard. The most powerful prerequisite to excel or even just perform is to like what you do. That's how it works in all aspects of our lives – passion is the most vital driver.

The other crucial factors are teamwork and collaboration. The most efficient companies of the modern era understand the value of cooperation, synergy and allocation of work based on their employees’ talents. I love how much at Capco people respect and prioritize supporting one another. 

In my free time I’m a sports addict. Besides traditional disciplines like athletics, swimming and gym, I also do powerbocking (shoe jumping), disc golf and occasionally curling. To complete the picture, one of my guilty pleasures is indisputably the “chess of modern times”- poker. But when I need a calmer evening, I sit down at my piano or a play few tunes on my guitar (yes, my neighbours love me). Last, but not least, I try to keep a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and cook delicious dishes when the times allows.