“Hard work is rewarding, especially when the client is happy and extends your assignment, giving you new responsibilities and trusting your advice.”


Joined Capco Year 2017 
Location Switzerland 
Role Senior Consultant 
Primary Skills PM/BA 
Interests Skiing, wake surfing, astronomy  


I started my career as a financial services consultant at Amaris Consulting in Hong Kong, on a digital onboarding project for a French bank. Banking was a new universe for me, a completely different way to conduct projects. That first experience as a consultant was the reason I applied to Capco. Capco Hong Kong was a five-year adventure, and I really appreciate my time there as part of a dynamic and multinational team with a variety of backgrounds.


I was impressed by the flat hierarchy at Capco. I think it is quite rare and valuable. Being able to talk to the management helped me understand the market, client background and the context of our projects better. The advice I received was pertinent and useful in my work.


Capco invests in their consultants through training, certification, and coaching. For example, the whole Capco Hong Kong office is 100% Agile certified. This kind of certification or training on many subjects helps us follow up on our clients’ needs. For me, this was the major difference compared to larger consulting firm where you can just be a headcount number. I feel that I have grown professionally and personally, thanks to the people and opportunities here at Capco. Hard work is rewarding, especially when the client is happy and extends your assignment, giving you new responsibilities and trusting your advice. For me it is those experiences that make my work at Capco worthwhile.


Living aboard is not always easy, due to the language barrier and cultural differences. Yet, my colleagues became friends, like an extended family. Friends and family are my source of energy, they give me the strength to move on.


Even though I am French, I’ve never worked in France or Europe until recently. After finishing my Master’s degree in IT in China, I worked for several years in heavy industry and e-commerce startups as an IT Manager. This gave me the opportunity to travel across Asia for the past 14 years and discover many cultures. I was planning to continue my life in Hong Kong and to keep exploring Asia. There is so much to discover and so many opportunities in that part of the world. However, due to the pandemic and the recent events in Hong Kong city, my wife and I decided to start a new journey. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on us, it made us value our own lives more and recognize what is important for us.


For some of us, the lockdown created opportunities to experiment with new things. For example, I bought a telescope and rediscovered how amazing space is. I also practiced scuba diving and wake surfing, my favourite sports.


I have now transferred to Capco Switzerland and am based in Geneva. So far, I feel like this job was worth the move. The Capco family spirit which I experienced in Hong Kong remains, even though it is not my home country.