“I have always felt welcome, heard and respected”

Joined Capco: 2016
Role: Manager
Professional skills: Payments, Cash Management
Interests: Coaching, Nutrition, Gardening, Cooking, Latin Dancing

I was born in India and having graduated with a BE in Electronics, I came to Belgium in 2009 to work for a major national bank. Having worked in the payments space, I applied for a role at Capco Belgium that I saw on LinkedIn. During the interview it was made clear that I could expect close support to ensure I was effectively managing my duties during client assignment, and for me that spoke to the level of attention Capco pays to its employees. It was a key reason why I chose Capco – the working culture is very different from large consultancy firms, with a strong family feel.

Having started as a Senior Consultant, in 2019 I was promoted to Manager. I have been well supported by Capco management during my time with the firm: regular face-to-face meetings have helped me to analyse my strengths and weaknesses and to work on my self-development. I have always felt welcome, heard, and respected, and have great faith in Capco’s mission, strategies and practices in support of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

A key client during my time at Capco has been a Belgium-based global cash management bank, where I am working to implement an e-banking solution.  We have ten team members working on the account, four within the Belgium team - including myself – and another six based in France. My clients at the bank range from treasury manager to CFO level, so it is critical that I am responsive to their needs and that my delivery is timely and precise.

The biggest inspiration in my life has been my father - he has always supported me, from my school days until now. As he always reminds me, “the life we live at this moment is a reflection of our thoughts and actions”, so I make sure to pay very close attention to both. I am interested in nutrition and fitness and provide coaching to my friends to help them on their journeys to a healthier lifestyle. I am also a pet caretaker and look after about 20 animals at my home in the countryside of Belgium, including cats, chickens, rabbits, a dog and a pony – quite a collection!