“A lot of my development has come from my peers, coach, and fellow teammates, everyone is always willing and ready to lend a hand”

Joined Capco: 2019
Role: Associate
Professional skills: Communications skills, time-management, strong work ethic
Interests: Running, cooking, going to the beach

I joined Capco in June of 2019 after graduating from Elon University with a degree in finance and a minor in accounting. Initially, I started as an intern in the Charlotte office and knew I wanted to find a job in the south after graduation. I spent a lot of my first week at Capco getting to know others in my office and hearing their advice on how to best position myself to explore my various areas of interest. My summer (and first-year) was full of events outside of work where all the employees were able to switch off work mode and hang out with each other not because they felt they had to, but because they wanted to.

Going into my senior year of college, I received and accepted a full-time offer to join Capco. I started at Capco through the Associate Talent Program (ATP), which helps you build all the foundational skills you need to be successful as a young professional. However, so far, a lot of my development has come from my peers, coach, and fellow teammates, everyone is always willing and ready to lend a hand. Its people’s willingness to help that has made crunch time on projects produce some of my best memories at Capco and help me build camaraderie with my fellow peers.

Since joining Capco, I’ve been working on the same project. As an associate, I was interested to see how my role would develop from my previous experience as an intern. I can say that I was surprised by how quickly my teammates gave me responsibility for critical deliverables across the project. Diving into the deep end, you could say, is the best way to learn what your team is there to accomplish, it was rewarding to be trusted by the team from the start.

One of the great things about Capco is there are plenty of events and groups to get involved with outside of your day-to-day work. My favorite event through Capco was a Life@Capco event last summer. The Charlotte office went to an indoor ‘racetrack’ nearby, and we all got the chance to compete against each other on two different racetracks. I must have gone four or five times, and we broke into various groups to compete against new people each time. I do not remember my scores, so I clearly did not win, but it was still a great event to bring everyone together outside of the office.

Outside of work, I am happy doing anything outdoors. I love running, hiking, paddle boarding, or even picnicking in some of the parks around Charlotte. Currently, I am training for my first full marathon, taking place in November! Recently, I have been trying to explore new neighborhoods around me during my morning walks. Besides outdoor activities, I like reading, trying new workout classes and cooking, and as a millennial, taking photos of my food.