Integrating trade functions through CTRM implementations

Every CTRM organization is unique with its own set of business processes and operational methodologies spanning front, middle and back offices.  CTRM platforms integrate these trade functions to manage the complete commodities trade lifecycle, allowing for comprehensive risk management and compliance capabilities.

Why Capco for CTRM systems implementation?

  • Deep industry knowledge spanning a wide variety of traded commodities
  • Expertise across most CTRM vendors and packages 
  • History of successful implementations through OnTarget Project Delivery Methodology™ 
  • Customized CTRM packages and application development that meet your business needs
  • Accelerated systems testing through our Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • Domain specialists who understand both business and IT for critical production support 

Unlocking better accountability and informed decision-making 

Advanced business enterprises utilize specialized business applications and decision support systems to manage their operations and analytics.  For reporting and data integrity reasons, these systems need to communicate in real-time or at regular intervals. 

Why Capco for solution integration:

  • Extensive experience in designing and implementing optimal solutions that seamlessly integrate data between internal and external systems for enhanced business insight
  • Expertise in CTRM process improvement
  • Demonstrated experience in information transformation
  • Deep commodities trading systems knowledge - pricing systems, logistics systems, ERP (sub-ledger <-> general ledger), data warehouses, credit systems and more

Mitigating IT operations risk through system upgrades

Latent systems lagging in either technology or functionalities can add undue stress and time to trading organizations’ processes.  As a result, thorough systems analysis and testing are crucial for CTRM software upgrades.

Why Capco for system upgrades:

  • Experience with designing optimal upgrade strategies with minimum business disruption
  • Accelerated systems testing through our Testing as a Service (TaaS) and advanced upgrade tools and frameworks