“I find it fascinating that my work brings products or services to life that my friends and family also use.”

Joined Capco: 2020
Role: Senior Consultant
Primary skills: Digital Innovation, Business Process Management, Digital Business Models 
Interests: Reading, sports (functional fitness), traveling, crypto

I am a Senior Consultant focusing on digital innovation and insurance. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics from the University of Mainz, I started my career at a large German insurance company. After four years in various positions, such as process manager and innovation manager, I quit to return to full time studying. Without the support of my family and friends, I probably would not have dared to take that step and, looking back, I am proud that I successfully completed the master's program in Business & Computer Science with focus on “AI and service innovation” at the University of Hildesheim.

I finally finished my studies in 2020. My plans to backpack through Asia didn't work out due to the pandemic, and I started job search on LinkedIn having set some important parameters: I wanted to work at an international management consultancy, in the financial services sector, with digital and technology topics as part of my day-to-day business. All criteria matched a position that Capco was offering at the time.

I was pleasantly surprised that, despite the distancing rules due to the pandemic, I got a very good understanding of the projects and people at Capco. The openness that was shown to me at the beginning continued through to the day I was hired. What also impressed me was the quick feedback I received as an applicant, it allowed me to envision how the journey could continue.

From day one, I was able to work on interesting topics at Capco, having joined the insurance team. It was very uncomplicated to get started, because Capco's coaching model provides great support for all colleagues during the onboarding and further development. So, I was able to benefit directly from coaching in the first week, in which we jointly set the first small milestones that were important to get to know the company better and, of course, to continue my professional development.

What I find particularly exciting are the topics that I can work on in addition to project work - from new bancassurance platforms to AI assistants in insurance. This mix of different topics is exactly the work environment I feel comfortable in.

Shortly after I was hired, I was placed on my first project at an international bank. Thanks to my peers and project managers, I was able to get a solid foundation and familiarize myself with the subject very quickly, despite working remotely. For my next project, we helped the client to offer a new financial product on a large B2C platform. I find it fascinating that my work brings products or services to life that my friends and family also use. That really makes me very proud.

Outside of work, I am active in many ways, be it a backpacking tour through the snow with a tent or spontaneous DJ sessions on weekends. Music has always been a big companion in my life. I had my first DJ gig in a club at the age of 16. The gigs have become rare, but my passion for music remains: Electronic, Techno, Deep House, Progressive House are the genres I really enjoy. For that I still like to drive all over the country to listen to certain artists.

My partner and I want to see every country and every street on Earth once. Traveling is a big theme in my life: I prefer to go ‘spartan’ – with a tent and a sleeping bag in the mountains – or stay in a simple accommodation among the local people in Southeast Asia. A fun fact: on average, I have moved to a new apartment or city every 1.25 years over the last decade.

I also like to visit family and my three brothers, preferably when we can all cheer our favourite soccer club Borussia Dortmund together. In my free time I read a lot of books (mostly non-fiction) and try not to miss out on sports - jogging and functional fitness usually balance me out very well after a day at work or on the weekends. I am an active member of the Capco Germany D&I team and currently preparing the International Night event, where we would like to give our colleagues an insight into various cultures, including food and drink.