“In in my current role, I want to put as much commitment as possible into initiatives by women, with women and for women.”

At the start of 2021, I joined the Leadership Team as Executive Director. For me personally, this was exactly the right move, and I had already realized that during the preliminary discussions. They were so constructive and positive that the decision to join was not difficult. Together with my team, I am now developing the cybersecurity area at Capco Austria, Germany and Slovakia, which will further expand our range of consulting services. 

The fact that I work in consulting at all is pure coincidence. I originally completed a banking apprenticeship, then went on to study business administration in Brussels and Dubai and graduated when the global economic crisis hit in 2008. Under the circumstances, it was completely unclear where I should orient myself professionally. I travelled through the USA and Australia as a ‘work & traveller’ and worked in a banking related area. Afterwards, I spontaneously applied for an open position at a large IT software company, from where I was headhunted by a Big Four consulting firm. That was how my career in consulting took off.

Later, I founded my own consulting company, specializing in topics such as cybersecurity, cloud computing and IT compliance. Having sold the company, my team and I are now bringing our long-standing expertise in risk and cyber defense as well as cloud to benefit Capco's clients in banking and infrastructure systems. Additionally, we serve the areas of blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence. Our offering also includes IT compliance, where we take care of all audits with a focus on cybersecurity and cloud. So, our portfolio is an all-round service - and we are happy to be offering our expertise to Capco customers.

I have pursued my career with a lot of dedication. I have also grown with my challenges and have realized that, in addition to my professional skills, I am also a very good team leader. My team of five and I have developed together and complement each other with our individual strengths but our team spirit has always been the most important aspect. That is why one of the main criteria for moving to Capco was being able to bring my team with me. 

I find it very reassuring to see after my first few months at Capco, that the Be Yourself At Work spirit is really being lived. Even the top management is approachable and supportive at all times. In fact, I have never experienced a company where managers are so respectful, fair and impartial with each and every employee. Good suggestions do not trickle away, and no one takes ideas away from others - I particularly admire this.

My goal for 2021 is to recruit new employees for my team, and to continue to be diversely oriented and open to different talents. In my current role, I want to put as much commitment as possible into initiatives by women, with women and for women. 

During the week, I’m very focused on my job, what my team needs and how we can successfully develop our projects. To compensate, I grab my three dogs in between tasks and refuel in nature, which is right outside my front door. I am grateful for this flexibility at Capco. On weekends, on the other hand, I try to switch off completely, with my husband, my family, my dogs.